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Oct 30, 2010
Thank you all for joining us here at G2 Muffin Central!

I’m sure you all have noticed some changes here an there, but first, I would like to welcome in our newest staff members.

Please welcome Pimp and dark_9tails to the staff team ^__^

Pimp, our Otaku Zone mod, will be assuring the otaku within all of us will always stay alive forever!

Dark_9tailis will be helping @Hadriel in Soul Sanctuary (formally known as Those Who Have Soul) in doing the GFX around the site!

Now that we have welcomed our newest staff members, lets have a run thru of all our beloved staff members shall we?

He’s the co-founder/creator/owner of this wonderful site!

co-founder/creator/owner/main site technician

Creator/tech, he’s Abarnes’ right hand man (or was it left…)

Our beloved Empress Emmie <3 She’s the one who’s taken such great care of us from our move from MangaTreat to the merge state of Muffin Central! If not for her, we wouldn’t have all these handy site functions!

@Sanae (Hey look, it’s me)
I am Emmie’s right hand woman (or whichever.. I’ll let Rina pick which one she wants to be). Emmie orders me to do stuff and I try my best to get it done!

She is also one of Emmie’s other hand woman. She also does whatever our Empress Emeralda asks of us!

Super Moderators
She's pretty cool, and she writes well! She mainly takes care of the Soul Sanctuary.


Sections and their Moderators

Otaku Zone

This is the section where you come to fulfill all your otaku needs. Rather it be Anime, Manga, Japan itself, and everything in between!
Section Moderator: @Pimp

Soul Sanctuary
Formerly known as Those Who Have Soul. This section is where all the creative art juices are released!
Section Moderators: @Hadriel and @dark_9tails

Terra Incognita
This is where all the serious/debate-filled threads are!
Section Moderator: @Kaiser Chicken Imperial Flu

Magical Lyrical Assassin Games

This is the section where all the closet sadists/masochists come to play!
Section Moderator: @Crestham

World of Adventures
Where all worlds meet where anything and everything goes (A.K.A. The Roleplay section)!
Forum Moderators: @Arachna and @Banchou

Muffin Town
This is where we come to just hang out, so feel free to kick off your shoes and relax feet here!
Section Moderators: @Lily and @HappyNisa

Now that we’ve gotten acquainted with your staff members, let us take a tour of the forum itself!

This is where we first come to when coming to the site. Check in here for rules and heads up about the site!
Offical Businesses & Announcements
Check here for the latest going ons of the site!
Where to find all the news of old

Site News
Where to find the latest anime and manga updates!

Follow our developers while they are working on the Site/Forums

News & Tidbits
Have a suggestion on what you’d like to see on the main site when it comes to news? If so, drop by here and tell us what you got!

Staff Applications
Think you have what it takes to be a staff member at G2MC? Come and fill out an application here!

Introductions & Farewells

Are you new? Or perhaps leaving? Post here to tell everyone!

Suggestions & Feedback

Do you have suggestions to make this place better? Or do you perhaps have feedback? Post it here!
Having trouble with the site? Post here and someone will be sure to come and help!
Otaku Zone
For all things Japanese!
Anime Muffin
Every Otaku loves anime. Why shouldn't you?
Come here for the latest news in the Anime world!

Anime Requests
Thought of an anime you wish to see but we don’t have it? Well then, post here and we’ll get it for you!

Puella Manga Plaza

Because everyone wants a cooler name for "Manga Discussion"
The Big Three
Discuss your favorite out of the big three here! You can also find sub-sections for Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece in here.

Manga Requests
What? We don’t have a manga you want? Let us know what it is here!
Japanese Cherry
What's going on in the motherland?

Wanna see what the latest fashions are in Japan? Come here for the lates for both latest and old fashions!


Put on your mask and traditional dress.. It’s time to go to the festival!

The Japanese Language

Always interested in learning the Japanese language? Come here and expand your Japanese language skills!
Soul Sanctuary
The artsy section!

The Museum
The hallowed repository of works.
GFX Galleries
Display your graphical masterpieces here!

Writer's Diaries
Are you an aspiring writer? If so, come here to share your work!

Artists' Exhibits
Have a talent for hand-drawing or painting? If so, show us your stuff here!

Photographer's Studio
Say Cheese! Come here to post your amazing photography skills!

Reviewer's Corner
Wanna tell us what you think of an anime, manga, music, or anything else? Drop by here and leave a review!

The Community Centre

Soul Sanctuary-dwellers, gather!
The Plaza
Need a set or a piece of writing? Come and patronize our shops!

Request Alley
Have a specific (or non specific) request? Come here and tell us what you want!

Tutorials & Guides
Wanna learn some handy skills? Come here!

Resource Centre
Looking for resources to further your endeavours? Here is the place for you!

The Soul Arena

Where dwellers gather to do battle!
Signature of the Week
Go head to head with fellow GFXers!
A repository of old SOTW contests.

Writing of the Fortnight
Pit your skills against other writers!
A repository of old WOTF contests.

Terra Incognita
Serious discussion is serious!
Hic Sunt Leones
Here be lions! Forum for serious discussion and debate, pertaining to matters concerning; politic, science, philosophy, religion and other relevant topics.

TI Expansion Project and Archives
A place to discuss your ideas regarding TI forum expansion. Also contain archives of dormant TI side-projects.
HSD (Archive)
Look upon old HSD Discussions here!

SEB (Archive)
Look upon old SEB Discussions here!
Magical Lyrical Assassin Games
For all you closet sadists and masochists!
Assassin Games
In their whole splendour!
Dead Archives
See all games of the past here!
Mission Complete
An archive of the legacies our Assassin Games have left us.

Archives of the Freed Souls
The Hall of Fame, but with an edit where those threads won't give any points for your spam. YAY!


Where all the mini AGs and quickies are. Oh, and we have general discussions here.

World of Adventures
New worlds await us in RPG Land!
Roleplayin’ Lore
Knight In The Making (Lower Level)
New to the RP World? Come this way!

Dungeons 101 (Middle Level)
Not new to RP’s, but not quite the dungeon crawler yet? Come here!

Paladins Beware (Highest Level)
Be gone you fowl monster! Come here to slay the toughest of creatures!

Heart Kingdom (One on One RPG's)
For those one on one RPG’s!

Roleplay Archives
Find your favorite finished RPG’s here!

World of Adventures OOC Corner and Sign-Ups
Lay out the foundations of your world and see them become a reality.

Vault of Souls CC
A place to record all of history in the books
Muffin Town
A place where all your dreams will come true (or.. )!
The Lounge
Talk about stuff unrelated to Manga/Anime!
Fanclubs (Anime, Manga, Games, and General Fanclubs)
Come here to join others idolize your favorite.. Idols!

Kitchen Stadium
Have a favorite recipe you’d like to share or have one you’d like to share? Throw on an apron and come this way!

Life is What You Make It
Real life can suck at times.. Come share your life stories here!

Health and Beauty
Mirror, mirror on the wall.. Come discuss

Traveler's Tales
Travel the world and tell us your tales here!

Discuss the various media types here!
Anything pertaining to music goes here and you can also find a sub-section for music downloads here)

Anything pertaining to movies go here!

You can also find Gaming Reviews as a sub-section here!

Anything pertaining to books goes here!

Enter Marvel’s Tower and Fortress of DC here!

Anything regarding technology goes here!

Sports Bar
Come here to get your sports fix!

It's the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny!
Anime/Manga Characters
Anime/Manga characters face off in an epic battle.. Who would win? All Anime/Manga character battles go here!

Popularity Battles/Non-debatable Battles
There’s no arguing who would win!

Other Characters
Any character battles that aren’t anime/manga or Chuck Norris!

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris vs. The World!

Spam and Cookies
Spamland full speed ahead!
Comedy Central
LMAO, that was hilarious.. All the funnies are here!

Thread Hell
This is where threads are archived that don’t belong in any otther archives!

Tower of Babel
A perfect place to speak in your native tongue!

Now that our forum tour is over, let us move on to your User Control Panel (User CP/Settings)!

Your Profile
Edit Your Details- In here, you can edit your password, email address, birthday, and additional information.
Customize Profile- This is where you can make your profile page!
Profile Privacy- You can limite/restrict what others can see on your profile page!
Edit Profile Picture- Add an image for all to see on your profile page (This is different from your avatar)!


Contacts & Friends- Edit and add friends here (manually)
Social Groups- Come join our wonderful Social Groups here!
Pictures & Albums- Create an album and upload pictures here!

Settings & Options
Edit Avatar- Upload an avatar or link the url image here! Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 150 by 200 pixels or 100.0 KB (whichever is smaller).
Edit Signature- Add your signature here! Note: Mac signature size is 500x200
Edit Email & Password- You can edit your email address and forum password here as well!
Edit Options- You can edit your time, what forum skin your using, and default font/text!
Edit Ignore List- Edit your ignore list here!

Private Messages
List Messages- Takes you to your inbox!
Send New Message- Send a new PM!
Track Messages- Track your messages!
Edit Folders- Create new folders for your PM’s (I have one for AG’s)!

Subscribed Threads

List Subscriptions- Show al your subscribed threads!
Edit Folders- Create and edit new folders for subscriptions!

Next stop, your profile page! Yes yes, It’s pretty similar to any recent vB profile page, but we have some extras! Go all the way to the end after Contact Info, you will find a small button you click for a drop down box. Here you will find:

Mentions- This shows you all who have mentioned (@) you in various threads!
Quotes- This shows you all the post where you have been quoted!
Latest Threads- This shows your latest created threads!
My Awards- Shows all your awards!

*Sips Tea :tea:* Oh, you’re ready for the next stop? Ok then, let us move on to the Navibar.. Yes, there’s many special treasures hidden there!

Arcade- Think you can beat the highest score? Lets see what your arcade finger can do!
Triple Triad- Earn gil by playing our Yugi-Oh esque game!
Gameroom - In here, you can play poker with other members, are
Minecraft- Click here for a quick link to our Minecraft thread!
Madoka Grief Seed- Come get your side-scroller beat em up download here!
Melty Blood- Care to kick each other’s butt with me?
Touhou- Touhou anyone?

Last stop would be the Community tab (because all the others are self explanatory)!


Chat - Ezchat allows you to connect to IRC chat!Social Groups- Oh look! Another way to get to Social Groups!Pictures & Albums - View all user picture albums here!Contacts & Friends- Another quick way to access your friends and contacts list!Members List- Here, you can find all our members!
User Tagging Statistics-
Top mentioned and top quoted can be found here!

Now that we have taken a full (I think) tour of the forums, here are some helpful threads that may help you newcomers (even old.. Comers) ^__^

*Forum Rules and Guidelines (Make sure to drop by and read the rules)-

*MC’s Official Fact File Thread (Member fact files..))-

*Name Change Thread (Put name change request here)-

*Medaka’s Box (for those who want to make quickie/smaller suggestions)

*General Bug Reports (For those small bugs that plague the site)-

*Forum Tutorial, or rather, What Does This Shiny Button Do? (A tutorial for all the handy little functions across the site)-

*Image User Titles (Request an image title here)-

That concludes our tour of G2 Muffin Central!

Oh yeah, almost forgot (no, just making this entertaining..)! Please drop by our main site once in a while for downloads and delicious news articles-

Thank you for joining us here at G2 Muffin Central and I do hope you all enjoy your stay :*love:
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