Fanclub Rules

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1. All Clubs must follow general G2Anime rules
2. You are allowed to create rules for your own club but these cannot and will not override the rules set forth by G2Anime.
3. You may own up to 5 fanclubs, in all of the areas. This is so that other members can own fanclubs too!
4. To own a fanclub, you must have at least 25 posts, and to co own a fanclub, at least 10 posts. This is to prevent Fanclub flooding, and members who join, make an FC, and then never come back to update the FC or something.
5. If a Fanclub owner is inactive for 1 month at the least, the Fanclub is eligible to be reopened.
6. Following Rule #4, the candidates to reopen the Fanclub is the co owner(s). If the co owner(s) does not want to reopen the FC, a member is allowed to reopen it. But Rules #1 and #3 still apply.
7. If the owber cannot sustain activity in the club and nobody is willing to take over, it will be shut down. We will determine activity by the last post in the club. If the last post exceeds one month, it will be closed.
8. You may open any type of Fanclub, but do not create junk clubs that only serve to increase post count and spam. Clubs should have a very specific theme (Eg. Bleach fan club, rock n roll fan club, ramen lovers fan club)
9. The fanclubs must not have explicit content, Hentai, 18+ content, a political party, or a religion.
10. To make your FC official, it must be on the area's Fanclub directory list. So post your Fanclub with the link to it in the area's Fanclub directory.
11. Fanclub banners should not be above 50 pixels in height. 200x50 or 150x50 are preferred, but not mandatory.
12. Please try not to welcome or unofficial welcome a member if you are not the owner or co owner of a Fanclub. This is to keep spam to a minimum, and to prevent unofficial welcome flooding, so the owner can update the member's list or whatever, without going through unofficial welcome posts.
13. You must keep your memberlist updated
14. These rules are to be updated, so check frequently.

Formatting and managing clubs
-Title of the club- -Banner or picture- -Description or purpose of club- -Rules of the club- -How to join--Member list-

Club Name
Picture or banner
[Welcome message, description or purpose of club]
1. All members must follow G2Anime rules *
2. Your additional rule
3. Your addition rule
4. Your additional rule, etc.
How to join
1. Your requirement
2. Your requirement
3. Your requirement, etc.
Owner: Your name
Co-owner(s): If you have one or more

*This rule must be present in every club's list of rules ^You may create your own unique rankings for your membersNote on how to join: These requirements are up to you. It can be in the form of questions, a test, anything. Note on Co-owners: If you have decided on a co-owner before hand, make sure they are the first person to post after you create your club. This way they can edit the second post with relevant information that stays on the first page. Or the the owner should double post to make room for a future co-owner whose post can be swapped into the 2nd post. You can have as many co-owners you want, but only the 1st name will be reserved for the 2nd post.The owner can change what co-owner is on 2nd post, if he/she finds the first one is not active.We ask you to do this if you haven't decided on a co-owner yet. Because only admins can move the post order around, these guidelines need to be followed if you want to reserve the second post for your co-owner.
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