estimated date until Anime Absolution?

Nori, I thought you had quit making anime sites! I seriously checked back every now and then to see Anime Gelade was ever coming I hear this and I am all grins! Too bad the forums look dead (I will try to post as often as possible), but I was wondering what an estimated time until the release of the new site is? and possibly if I could ever do anything again to contribute (considering I now actually watch anime...) plus I could always help by writing the occasional game review...anyway I hope to see the new site up soon!


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In all honesty....I have no idea when the main site will open. I don't want it to be rushed because then it'll just be a mess... And the forum was just opened to the public today which would explain it's deadness lol


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Well I wouldn't worry if all members got email like I got (actually, I forgot that i"ve signed up here, if I haven't got email from here XD). Most members will come back here before you know it ;)

Though I think a decent download section will bring more members back, while a good frontpage layout will make new peoples who stumbled there come here too ^^
Kind staff will make everyone feel at home here ^^
At least that's what I think :p