Eragon the Movie

I know it's late to post this since the movie isn't in theaters any more, but I thought I should warn you. The sucks, I just wanted to get up and leave while watching. The book series is great, but the movie not only butchered the characters, but it also killed the storyline. The only thing really kept was, a guy gets a dragon, mentor dies, and he kills a shade. Everything else is different, and they can't even make a sequel unless the make up even more parts of the story.
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I haven't seen the movie, but I have read both Eragon and Eldest(the 2nd book in the series)[/b]
me too...

and i think this book series are good...but my favorite fantastic book series are "wheel of time"(by Robert Jordan)
I agree, to me that's probably the best series ever. I hope he finally gets better over his sickness and finishes the series. I might go crazy if it isn't finished.
When i walked into the move theater... I was expecting a lot but after... the movie in my opinion... was... HORRIBLE.. I mean the book was amazing except the move they totally changed the plot and made changes that seems small but was important in the book


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I like the movie^^ and all

but books rule...better, hope they'll do Eldest soon, though I doubt
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