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Cool man, i'm not going to bother sharing because pcsx2 can be downloaded easily enough through the PCSX forums/website, and all help regarding emulation that should goto their community, they are very helpful... Which reminds me... We should hurry up and bring back G2Emu considering someone else also has an interest in Emulation :)
I'm uploading there SVN versions that are hard to get if you dont know where to look for them or how to compile them from source code. its only for testing emu progress


I know exactly what it is for sir ;-) unfortunately some people think this does nothing but slow down progress of outdated technology and gaming systems... it doesn't and fortunately i'm not one of them. Cheers for making it available anywhoes!


You know as well as I know that is a total crock of shit.
The gaming industry earns millions if not billions per year, the only thing that slows it down is the fact they aren't producing quality games or systems fast enough, nor do they offer affordable gaming systems. There's lots of things that "slow" it down, but the main problem with the gaming industry IS the gaming industry, if they wanted to really change it i'm pretty sure they could.
And we could all have virtual reality units in our houses for $100 and everyone would have the latest games downloaded for a real inexpensive cost... But then what happens? They stop making money. So their slow down of progress is self initiated because they want to make a fuck load of money over a fuck load of time.

They're selfish. Fuck them. They deserve to crumble and wither. Who has really benefitted from any games in the past 10 years anyway? No one except the gaming industry. What has changed in terms of gaming? More conectivity, more players, slightly better graphics... nothing much to be honest. Games still have the same average life span. You can't play 'em for ever and they know this.

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You know, this does nothing but slow down progress of outdated technology and gaming systems...
It's not like we need super ultra HD to have fun. Hell, I still play Wolf3D and Doom from time to time.

Doesn't help that the PS2's lineup of games is nothing short of fucking awesome.
Hey everyone i'v just update my 4shared account now i'm uploading not only PCSX2 but also Desmume (nintendo DS), emu-1964 (nintendo 64), VBA-M(GameBoy Advance), ePsxe 1.7 (Playstation 1/PSone), Dolphin (nintendo GameCube/Wii) and mayby others in future

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Yes commercial games are playable not many but most good games. i'v notice little regresion in past few weeks but every regresion up to this time finally end up's in major progress :D

dont forget to check web-folder content from time to time, to get an updates!


*wonders if Zelda Twilight Princess works* - eh o._.o? I've been at Zelda OoT for the past 3 days straight gimmie TP lol... *goes off to find .iso*