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If you're a fan of Dynasty Warriors, This is where you can talk about your favourite characters or anything related to Dynasty Warriors.


1)~ If you want to join then simply post below asking to join and I or Special members will add you to this fan club, also it is optional if you want to grab one of the FC banners.

2)~ There is a special member list for those who I think greatly support this fan club by being active, posting links, pictures, videos, creating banners and sharing news ect.

3)~ Posting links , news , videos , pictures, banners ...etc are gladly welcomed and very appreciated.

4)~ Spamming and flaming are not welcomed at all.

5)~ Have Fun

Owner: Demonlord ~Ma Chao

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Ray ~Liu Bei

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Welcome amanda :)

Oh i hate him so strong for no reason -_-
Lu Bu is strong and arrogant and considered to be the best and so he is made to be difficult and un pawnable.

>.> so hard in the game i run away from him when i see him but its hard to lose him
Even though he's stronger than the others, He's not that hard. LoL, Lu Bu on hardest diffuculty FTW and if you steal his horse then he spawns another one exactly the same, it's kind of scary, and even then he'll chase you to the otherside of the map like no other Dynasty Warrior has done before :p

dynasty and samurai warriors are both great games. SO I join
Welcome random :)


Lu Bu is easy in my opinion he just has high endureance with skills you can pwn him easy I might do a video showing me pwning 3XL Lubu (who has the godly stats and silver armor )
Lol, I'd love to see that video. I find Dynasty Warriors really easy it's just that Lu Bu is slightly better than the other warriors and so people tend to exaggerate him and in some cases say he's too hard :p


The Music Hunter/Sharer
I'd like to join the FC too. My faves are Wei Yan (male) and Da Qiao(female). I can take Lu Bu no problem with Wei Yan especially. When I'm playing with one of my friends and he sees Lu Bu he says eek in a funny way, runs his character around and says run away and bolts just for laughs. I look forward to kicking his butt when 6 comes out.


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Anyone played the Dynasty warriors 6 game besides me? What did you guys think about it if you did?

I love most of the new weapons that most of the characters I've seen and played as, but some look strange like Wei Yan's club instead of his previous weapon but haven't gotten the chance to play as him in battle yet. It was hard getting used to the way the full map is though in 2 player on a medium sized tv, cuz it can be hard to fingure out which way you are facing but you get used to it somewhat quickly. The zoomed map is trickier though since it rotates as you turn so it can be very dizzying. It also stinks not everyone has a story mode as well, but I guess it kinda makes sense since some characters weren't as important to the story as others so they decided to take them out.

A word of warning though, if you go up against a general who is glowing red, until you are at a good level run away until whatever he is guarding has finished, otherwise you will get your ass handed to you.
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