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Jan 28, 2008
This Fanclub is dedicated to all the fans of the awesome Anime Dragonaut - The Resonance.

Requirements to join the FC: Must be a fan of the Anime

The official Dragonaut - The resonance website: ?ƒ‰?ƒ??‚??ƒŽ?ƒ??ƒ„ -?‚??ƒ??ƒ??‚??ƒŠ?ƒ??‚?- (Japanese)

Genres: Romance, Mecha, Fantasy, Drama, Action, Sci-Fi, Shounen

In order to avoid Earth's impending destruction from an asteroid, the International Solarsystem Development Agency (ISDA) works on the "D-Project", and creates dragons after finding a dragon egg under the ocean. However, they soon find out that the asteroid is not their only threat, as powerful dragon-like creatures appear on Earth. After witnessing a murder by one of the creatures, Jin Kamishina gets involved in the mysteries of the dragons and becomes a dragon pilot, otherwise known as a "Dragonaut". Helping him on his journey is Toa, a mysterious girl who saves him from falling to his death after the creature attacks him. As they delve deeper into the mysteries of the dragons, they encounter new friends and enemies, and also begin to develop a closer relationship. (Source - ANN)

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Basic Facts about Dragonaut - the resonance:

Characters[spoil] (Source for Character bios - Wikipedia)

Jin Kamishina (Main)
Jin Kamishina is an 18-year-old boy who lives a solitary existence due to losing his family in a shuttle accident two years ago. He is the only known survivor, who mysteriously had no major injuries despite falling from a high altitude. It is later revealed that he was saved by Toa, and that he underwent a successful Resonance during the accident. Despite Toa revealing that she was responsible for the accident, Jin continues to protect her.

Toa (Main)
Toa is a mysterious girl who saves Jin from a dragon in the first episode. She is shown to have remarkable athletic abilities, extraordinary strength, and accelerated healing capabilities, possibly due in part to the fact that she is a dragon. In her dragon form, she is immensely powerful; she is able to take on more than two other dragons at a time. She is referred to as the "Album" by the ISDA, who wishes to capture her in order to retrieve information on the original dragons from Thanatos.

She calls Thanatos 'mother', and her mission on Earth is revealed to be the retrieval of the dragon eggs possessed by the ISDA.

She later admits to being the one that collided with the shuttle that killed Jin's family. She got the name "Toa" after retrieving half of a bracelet that belonged to Jin's sister, Ai. Before the accident, the bracelet had "To Ai" engraved on it, but now it only reads "To A".

She also bears a relatively bright "stigmata", which signifies her impending death; the brighter it glows, the closer she is to death.

Toa's element is a barrier type. In her Communicator form, she can create a shield strong enough to repel a fully actualized dragon. In her dragon form, she mainly disables her opponents by locking them in barrier spheres.

Gio (Main)
Gio is a dragon from the ISDA who is assigned to be Kazuki Tachibana's "partner" after Kazuki successfully resonated with Gio's dragon egg form. However, despite being Kazuki's partner, Gio does not take orders from him, showing more concern for Toa, whom he states he was born to protect. Due to this, he is considered to be a failed experiment. His attachment to Toa seems to stem from the fact that he awakened early to Toa's cry when she first actualized in the series.

Despite initially finding Jin to be a nuisance, he later forms a bond with him due to their shared feelings for Toa, and would often rescue Jin from danger. However, after realizing how Jin and Toa feel for each other, he begins to question his existence.

Gio's element is a sword type. He is able to create a black sword while in his Communicator form. His finishing attack as a dragon is a passing slash with a sharp horn that he extends.

His name is derived from his code-number, "G10", which Kazuki misread as "Gio".

Akira Souya (Supporting)
Akira is a Dragonaut for the Lindworm Unit. She has a close relationship with her dragon partner, Machina, whom she believes to be the ideal woman that is the exact opposite of her, and who also acts more like an older sister towards Akira. However, she has always been hesitant to love Machina, as the latter is a dragon, but after meeting Jin, she realizes that the relationship between dragon and human can become much more. Due to this, she often helps Jin, even to the point of betraying the Lindworm Unit. However, she still considers its members to be her comrades, and does not let her betrayal get in the way of helping them when need be.

When she dies in the anime at the hands of Garnet, Machina encases both herself and Akira in ice.

Amadeus (Supporting)
Amadeus is Sieglinde's dragon partner, who seems to act more like her butler. Despite his elderly looks, he is a competent fighter and cares deeply for Sieglinde, constantly worrying for her safety.

His element is gravity. He is able to unleash large bursts of gravity in his Communicator form. He has a bulky form as a dragon which does not hinder his ability to fly, and he attacks with bursts of gravity waves.

Asim Jamaru (Supporting)
Asim is the second Prince of Gillard, having received his title after the death of the previous prince. He acts on his own selfish desires, caring little for others. He is initially interested in Gio, but later finds Toa to be more interesting and exciting.

It is later revealed that fifteen years prior to the story's beginning, Asim had resonated with Garnet's dragon egg.

He later dies with Garnet in a huge explosion created by Gio.

Garnet McLane (Supporting)
Garnet is a major in the Gillard military, who is mainly after the secret behind the Resonance process. She does not let her feelings get in the way of her duties, and is revealed to be a dragon who had resonated with Asim fifteen years ago. She and Asim are later engulfed in an explosion created by Gio, and are presumed dead.

She is extremely skilled with a katana, which she always carries with her ever since she visited Japan.

Howling Star (Supporting)
Howlingstar is Raina's dragon partner and the leader of the Communicators in the Lindworm Unit. He is the most energetic of his fellow Communicators and often likes to show off his skills.

His element is spear type. He can create a massive spear as his weapon of choice. In his dragon form, his finishing move is a high speed charge that pierces through the enemy.

Itsuki Habaragi (Supporting)
Itsuki is the leader of the Vitra Unit. Her dragon partner is Otohime and she is also apparently acquainted with Raina. She has a younger brother in the same unit named Yuuya.

Kasuga Nozaki (Supporting)
Kasuga is the head of the D-Project's research group. He is credited to being the man responsible for the rapid advancement in dragon research for the past two years.

He is later revealed to be the third original dragon, but clashes with the fourth original dragon, after the latter realizes Kasuga has sided with humans. He had been sent to Earth to retrieve the Earth-born dragons, but suffered from guilt over the lives he had taken when he collided with the shuttle two years ago. Yuuri, who later recognizes his dragon form as the same one she saw two years ago, calls him "Atrum". Kasuga had apparently completed a Resonance with her at that time, and is very protective of her. He considers the Earth-made dragons his "children", and his top priority is to see the remaining eggs hatch safely.

Kazuki Tachibana (Supporting)
Kazuki was Jin's best friend from before the accident. The two had promised to go into space together, resulting in their admission into the astronaut training program, but the shuttle accident caused Jin to leave the program.

Kazuki now works for the ISDA as part of the Dragonauts after his successful Resonance with Gio. In order to fulfill their promise, he tries to get Jin to join, ignorant of Jin's trauma of the shuttle accident.

However, after seeing Jin fly off with Gio, he starts to feel some anger and resentment towards Jin. He partners up with another Communicator named Widow, who lost her original partner, in order to retrieve Gio himself. He eventually cuts his hair to a more wild and crazed look to reflect his rage. He constantly acts rashly and violently in his attempts to retrieve Gio, whom he now considers to be an object that belongs to him. Later, during battle with Jin and Gio, he receives a scar across his forehead.

After the ISDA falls under Gillard command, he remains with them, and works with Widow in order to capture other dragons.

Kiril Zhazhiev (Supporting)
Kiril is the leader of the D-Project, and is the man in charge of finding ways to destroy Thanatos.

Kō Yonamine (Supporting)
A reporter working with Yuuri Kitajima, often gathering information for her. They seem to have a past relationship, and Yuuri is often annoyed with his advances. Kō also appears to be gathering information for Raina. He later helps Jin, claiming that it is for the sake of someone very dear to him.

It is later revealed that he is working for an unknown agency.

On the official Dragonaut site, a whole section is dedicated to his reports of each episode's story (which are written in his point of view; revealing some information not shown in the episodes).

Machina (Supporting)
Machina is Akira's dragon partner, who acts like a big sister towards Akira, correcting her speech and keeping her in check. She states that she follows Akira because she wants to, not because Akira is her master. When Akira dies, Machina goes berserk in response, but would later encase herself and Akira in ice.

Machina is a water type dragon. She has the ability to manipulate water when in her Communicator form. In her dragon form, she can attack with liquid whips and also with concentrated balls of water, along with unleashing countless ice crystals from her wings. These attacks seem particularly effective against fire-type elements.

Nanami Hoshi (Supporting)
Nanami is Yuuri's research assistant. She is seemingly close to Yuuri, and has a very lively personality. She is later revealed to be a spy for the Gillard military, but she continues to worry over Yuuri.

In an attempt to save Earth, she later tries to free Toa, but fails when she is shot in the back by Garnet, seemingly dying.

Ostrum (Supporting)
The fourth original dragon sent to Earth from Thanatos. His introduction is a violent one, as he destroys the ISDA's L-3 space station in his first few moments in Earth's orbit. He has no mercy for humans, but his top priority seems to be the destruction of the Earth-made dragons. He is able to take Communicator form, but who he made a Resonance with is unknown. However, the only known direct human contact he had before taking his Communicator form was with Yuuya.

Ostrum seemingly dies in an explosion caused by the Type-X warhead.

Ostrum is a fire type dragon. He is able to create bursts of flames, and is also able to incapacitate his opponents with blinding lights. As an original dragon, he is an extremely formidable opponent, and is capable of overpowering the entire Lindworm Unit.

Otohime (Supporting)
Otohime is Itsuki's dragon partner. She bears a striking resemblance to Itsuki. Yuuya addresses both of them as 'nee-san' which is Japanese for 'older sister'.

Raina Cromwell (Supporting)
Raina is the leader of the Lindworm Unit, having joined them in order to test his potential, which was encouraged by Jin's father, whom had recommended Raina for the D-Project. He is also a Dragonaut, whose partner is Howlingstar.

He and Howlingstar defects from the ISDA after it falls under Gillard command.

He is the ISDA's public representative, and is quite popular with girls, often receiving presents when he appears in public.

Sakaki Baisil (Supporting)
Sakaki is a soldier working for the ISDA as the Dragonauts' military commander. He had been the one that suggested the use of dragons in destroying Thanatos, and believes that the D-Project should go public.

He remains to work for the ISDA even after it falls under Gillard command, believing all dragons are a threat to Earth's safety. Despite this, he uses a dragon, who looks like his deceased daughter, to capture other dragons. She, however, wears a mechanical suit for battle.

He witnessed the death of his wife (Martina) and daughter (Laura), who were on the same shuttle flight as Jin's family. Despite his daughter's death, he appears to be haunted by her apparition.

Sieglinde Baumgard (Supporting)
Sieglinde is a child prodigy and entered college at age nine. She is chosen to become a Dragonaut for the Lindworm Unit, and her dragon partner is Amadeus, who is named after her now-deceased dog. Due to her studies, she has been lonely since her youth, and she considered Amadeus her only friend before it passed away.

Despite her seemingly cold attitude, she considers some members of the unit to be her family, and currently lives in the ISDA facilities.

She and Amadeus defects from the ISDA after it falls under Gillard command.

Widow (Supporting)
A woman who meets Kazuki after he gets beat up by a group of thugs. She is revealed to be a Communicator, and allows Kazuki to pilot her in order for him to retrieve Gio. She seems to have lost someone very dear to her, thus she partners with Kazuki because she feels that he has also lost someone who was very important to him.

Like a spider, Widow can shoot fiber strands from her fingertips which can either ensnare targets or cut objects to pieces. She also has the ability to put someone to sleep with her nails.

Yuuri Kitajima (Supporting)
Yuuri is a scientist who studies dragons and was part of the original team that discovered the first dragon egg on the ocean floor. She is entirely devoted to researching more about the original dragons, and especially wants to examine Toa since she is an original dragon.

Yuuya Habaragi (Supporting)
Yuuya is a member of the Vitra Unit and also Itsuki's younger brother. Though he looks forward to fighting beside his sister, he has yet to complete a Resonance or find a dragon partner.

When the fourth original dragon from Thanatos appears and destroys the Vitra Unit's space station, he is the first to see the dragon's eye, but his survival is uncertain as he seemingly appears to have died in the explosion.[/spoil]

Terminology[spoil] (Source for Terminology - Wikipedia)

The asteroid that destroyed Pluto twenty years prior to the series' beginning. Due to Pluto's destruction, the asteroid becomes stagnant within the former planet's orbit, however, some believe that the asteroid's current state is only temporary. If it does break free from Pluto's orbit, Earth would be in grave danger since it is located in Thanatos' expected trajectory.
Thanatos also seems to contain extraterrestrial lifeforms. The ISDA calls these lifeforms "Dragons", and keeps their existence a secret from the public.

Thanatos' true nature is unknown, as the original dragons seem to be able to communicate with it, and they even called it 'Mother'. It had apparently ordered Toa to retrieve the Earth-made dragons, but it later sends Otolm, the fourth original dragon, making Toa believe that it has abandoned the Earth-made dragons. Also, at one point, symbols on its surface appear to glow; each symbol then gradually disappears as if counting down, and once all the symbols disappear, the core becomes brightly illuminated.

In Greek mythology, Thanatos was a personification of Death and Mortality.

International Solarsystem Development Agency (ISDA)
The ISDA is a joint space exploration agency, which is basically an integration of every space agency on Earth. New Ogasawara is designated as its primary base, but it has successfully built bases and other structures around the world, including a base on the lunar surface.

ISDA029 Flight Accident
The ISDA029 shuttle flight from two years ago, in which Jin and his family were involved in. After the shuttle exited the Ogasawara Space Port, it blew up and fell towards the ocean. The only survivor was Jin, who suspiciously had no major injuries despite falling from a high altitude. The ISDA investigated the incident and determined that it was due to pilot error, blaming Jin's father, who was the shuttle pilot. In truth, the true cause of the accident was the dragons from Thanatos; when they entered Earth's atmosphere they crossed paths with the shuttle, destroying it.

New Ogasawara (Ogasawara Niizima Army)
Located in the Ogasawara archipelago and consists of three islands: land island, space island, and sea island. It surfaced several dozen years ago, and is the ISDA's base of operations. The Ogasawara waters is also where the dragon egg was found.

Though it is located in Japanese territory, it is run by extraterritorial law, with the ISDA as its main management.

Gillard New Emirates
A private nation headed by Prince Asim. Despite being a small country, the development of space exploration technology increased the country's financial base. The development of Martian facilities is one of their top priorities as Asim already resides in a palace built on the planet.

Though they appear to be cooperative with the ISDA, they are actually after the secret behind the Resonance process.

A secret facility built by the ISDA for the discarding of obsolete dragons and their remains. An electromagnetic shielding surrounds the facility in order to prevent dragons from actualizing and escaping.

A Dragonaut is a dragon's partner, who is otherwise known as a "pilot" or "master". To successfully become a Dragonaut, one has to successfully resonate with a dragon egg.

A Communicator is a dragon's humanoid form. It is later implied in the series that in order for a dragon to take Communicator form, it has to complete a Resonance with a human.

To actualize is when a Communicator transforms into its dragon form.

The process that is used to determine a person's compatibility with a dragon. The ISDA's conceived process involves an artificially-made dragon egg extracting DNA from its expected human counterpart. How an original dragon from Thanatos succeeds in obtaining a Resonance with a human is unknown, but it appears as though they can achieve it without the human's consent. In some cases, the human may not even be aware that they have completed a Resonance with a dragon.

It is said that without a successful Resonance with a dragon, one will not be capable of riding a dragon.

Resonance Connect
The connection between a dragon and its master. An artificially-made dragon normally acts on its master's thoughts and feelings; if the master does not have a steady form of communication with the dragon, it would most likely go berserk. However, original dragons are not subject to this restriction, and can act on their own free will despite completing a Resonance with a human.

Lindworm Unit
Lead by Raina Cromwell, the Lindworm unit is comprised of Dragonauts and their corresponding dragons, whose main purpose is to destroy Thanatos when the time comes. They are also tasked with fighting off enemy dragons that come from the asteroid.

In European mythology, 'Lindworm' is a large serpent-like dragon.

Vitra Unit
Another ISDA unit tasked with destroying Thanatos. Itsuki Habaragi is the unit leader. They are stationed in the L-3 space station.
When the fourth original dragon from Thanatos appears, the Vitra Unit, except for Itsuki and Otohime, is annihilated during the confrontation.[/spoil]



Episodes for download. (Coming Soon)

Airing times: [spoil]
2007-10-03 1. Resonance - Joined Hands -
共鳴 ―つないだ手―
Kyoumei -tsunaida te-

2007-10-10 2. Rendezvous - The World Begins to Stir -
逢瀬 ―動きだす世界―
Ouse -ugokidasu sekai-

2007-10-17 3. Awakening - Rallied Wings -
覚醒 ―集いし翼―
Kakusei -tsudoishi tsubasa-

2007-10-24 4. Flight - To the Ends of the Blue Sky -
飛翔 ―青の果てへ―
Hishou -ao no hate e-

2007-10-31 5. Complication - Falling Rain -
交錯 ―降り出した雨―
Kousaku -furidashita ame-

2007-11-07 6. Reunion - Acttracting Emotions -
再会 ―惹かれあう想い―
Saikai -hikareau omoi-

2007-11-14 7. Reminiscence - Reflections of the Heart -
追憶 ―水面に映りし心―
Tsuioku -Suimen ni Utsuri Kokoro-

2007-11-21 8. Parting - Echoes from the Empty Sky -
別離 ―虚空よりの響き―
Betsuri -Kokuu yori no Hibiki-

2007-11-28 9. Determination - Through the Gale-
決意 ―疾風を越えて―
Ketsui -Shippuu wo Koete-

2007-12-05 10. Truth - Shattered Mirror -
真実 ―砕けた鏡―
Shinjitsu -Kudaketa Kagami-

2007-12-12 11. Rumbling - Seeking the Truth -
鳴動 ―真実を求めて―
Meidou -Shinjitsu wo Motomete-

2007-12-19 12. Assault - Scorching Messenger -
強襲 ―灼熱の使者―
Kyoushuu -Shakunetsu no Shisha-

2007-12-26 13. Visit - Denoted Guidepost -
光臨 ―示された道標―
Kourin -Shimesareta Douhyou-

2008-01-09 14. Friend -Changing Future-
Houyuu -Chigaeshi Mirai-

2008-01-16 15. Embrace - Ones Calling Out To Each Other -
抱擁 ―呼び合う者達―
Houyou -Yobiau Mono-tachi-

2008-01-23 16. Wailing - Fates Torn Apart -
慟哭(どうこく) -引き裂かれた運命-
Doukoku -hikisakareta unmei-

2008-01-30 17. Roaring -When the Shining Star Burns-
咆哮(ほうこう) -明星の燃えし時-
Houkou -Myoujou no Moeshi Toki-

2008-02-06 18. Peaceful - Temporary Everyday Life -
平穏 -仮初めの日常-
Heion -Karihajime no Nichijou-

2008-02-13 19. Family - Fragements of Warmth -
家族 ―温もりの欠片―
Kazoku -Nukumori no Kakera-

2008-02-20 20. Rescue - Severed Bonds -
奪還 ―断ち切られた絆―
Dakkan -Tachikirareta Kizuna-

2008-02-27 21. Separation - Successor -
決別 ―継承せし者―
Ketsubetsu -Keishouseshi Mono-

2008-03-05 22. Invasion - Hour of Judgement -
襲来 ―審判の時―
Shuurai -Shinpan no Toki-

2008-03-12 23.

2008-03-19 24.

2008-03-26 25.

2008-04-02 26.[/spoil]

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Feb 1, 2008
i'm currently watching the first ep.
i think i want to join but i'll decide after watching more eps. :D


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Jan 28, 2008
Well Im signing you up because the show is awesome and plot and character development grow with each episode and now there is romance and tragedy and you'll like and like it and thats that:)


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i'm watching it right now, and i like it so i can join too :D


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of course welcome haruka!

Just wait till you guys see episode 16 its a emotional one to say the least.


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Welcome to the FC Chidori!

I just saw the Screenshots for episode 20 and it starts with ahhh that sweet and then ends with AHHH WTF! lol *cough*gio*cough*


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lol you really want me to spoil the end of the episode?

Ok if you really want to know look in the Spoiler. IF YOU DON'T WANT MAJOR EPISODE 20 SPOILER KEEP AWAY!


Start of Episode Gio disapears.

Ahh isn't that sweet, it's about time.

Hey Gio's back and he took out Widow n Kazuki! What's up with those kick ass energy wings though? Hey here comes Itsuki/Otohime and Raina/Howling Star to check out what happened.

Oh Shit Gio just took them out!

Ahhhhhhh WTF EVIL LONG HAIRED GIO! BUM BUm Bum![/spoil]
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