Cyb - Advanced Forum Statistics

In your forum you make nice use of Cyb's VBulletin modification "Advances forum statistics".

Although an interesting hack, it hasn't been set up properly. In the latest thread function it takes *all* the latest threads from every forum. Now im pretty sure you haven't set up the option of indexing the posts in the search engine as I havent seen posts from your private forums up on the "today's posts" link.

Yesterday I gained access to the free-for-all forum, a 50post requirement via your advanced forum statistics. not good >.< I could access latest downloads and such quite easily, especially with the custmizable options.


NB: You may need to be a super admin to do this.

1) Go to forums and moderators > go to "free for all"
2) Check if "index posts" and check that this is set to no.

If it was not set to no, your job is done. If it wasn't you have more to do.

3) Grab the ID of the free for all forum (located at top of page).
4) If you are a super admin/admin with extra permissions you can go to vbulletin options.
5) Select cyb-advanced forum statistics.
6) Search for "excluded forums"
7) Add the forum ID to the excluded forum box and save.

Should be resolved.