Compliments and Remarks


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Mar 3, 2011
Hey! Why isn't there such a thread for reckoning the efforts of our dear Forum Administrators? Aren't their works worthy of appreciation? Or we're just lazy enough to express our gratitude, praise, admiration and fondness? I hope it's the latter. Whichever the case, LET THE CHERRY MUFFIN SHINE HERE.
(so much for an intro, damn.)

What are the good features that can ONLY be seen here in our site? Why do we love G2anime? How do people here treat you? Perhaps you have a bad experience that needs to be shared! XD STATE them all here and let Emmie rawr.

Some things that are WORTHY OF APPRECIATION:
Quick Reply Quote - for lazy asses like me, this feature deserves two thumbs up
Profile MP3 - What else can you ask for? Reading manga? Watching anime? Chit-chats? Ah! SOUND TRIP! Definitely one of the bests.
New Mention - Pissed with someone who often lurks? Why not summon him? @Aidan
News and Updates - Bored? Then read some news!
Image Usertitles - What can you expect from the Cat Goddess [MENTION=2]Emeralda[/MENTION]? She's always bored.
Reply All - Assassin Gamers surely need this. Why would I bother putting in names in the recipients if this feature can be enabled? *thumbs up*
Awards - I guess this has been removed. :/
Smilies List - 432? O_O [MENTION=158]Rina[/MENTION] and [MENTION=8]Sanae[/MENTION] sure are bored.
Default Avatars - I wonder if there are default signatures as well?
Arcade - Tsk. If you're too tired to read or watch or listen to music, then play! Who is [MENTION=650]windborn[/MENTION] btw? He has the most number of highscores. :/

Just like to tell the big three smexy ladies namely [MENTION=2]Emeralda[/MENTION], [MENTION=158]Rina[/MENTION] and [MENTION=8]Sanae[/MENTION] to keep up the good work. :)


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Feb 10, 2007
It's [MENTION=41]Rum[/MENTION] now. Also, I don't really approve of this thread, but I was kinda worried that because of his name change, people might have been mentioning Aidan rarely and he felt sad.