Comeback !~


Well seems lately G2 is abnormally obliterated over a few things which cause regulars to leave but fear not we can still revive it with all its passionate members that are still loyal to the site. So start repromoting and help start bring a new age back.


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I think we just need someone who's good at starting new good topics where people will start posting more, or we need a section for something more popular and won't die out as quickly. Maybe we should have like anime episode discussions so every week their will be a new topic and if we have enough sections for popular animes then we'll have almost over week long used topics.
Anime episode discussions work quite well. However, you got to be careful. We used to have 7th heaven over at AE, it only worked with the most popular anime.

We had a pretty active forum 1500 or so posts a day but stuff like Clannad, Darker than Black etc just didn't draw people enough to have their own seperate forums..

Also :yoyo047:


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@Katsu. Yeah that's a pretty good idea :O

-I was thinking of; A thread for the plots of upcoming/new anime releases, and reviews. >.>