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Yes let us all talk of the pwnage that is Code Geass!!!

last ep!

[spoil]how dare Suzaku use cute and adorable Nunnaly like that to get to Lulu.[/spoil]
here we go =) more members coming lets keep this up to keep this club alive! lol
he is a walking contradiction if you ask me
the more words that comes out of his mouth his actions then contradicts to what he says...
"change within"? lol how can he do that where he himself needs a change of trait...
"I do not like the way he achieves his means" he says to Zero... and the hell did you use Nunally for?
his idiotic brain might or will justify that it is for the good... and how are they different from Zero who is thinking for the good as well?
he is a plain jackass if you ask me lol
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I guess your not a fan of Suzaku?

Join the club lol
I am a fan of the Suzaku haters club lol let him burn in hell...
some speculation do you think its possible for Nunnally not just the quiet girl we are used to see?
I mean WHAT IF (I myself do not wish for this to happen) she... has been in league with the emperor all this time O.O
or in a more favourable tone what if she has a Geass of some sort... or probably just some crazy skill that would tip the scale on both sides...theres some foreboding things in the Knightmare of Nunally....
:eek:mgnooo::eek:mgnooo: just a speculation though lol
well she can't open her eyes and she has no idea of the evils around her or what the past was like so she doesn't have the hatred in her like lulu.

i know lulu used euphie so that's why suzaku is using her...that's cold considering suzaku at least did care for nunnally.

i wonder what her reaction would be if she knew zero was her brother lol

I could see suzaku turning her against him.
I think Lelouch will try to get Nunnally back by staging a "kidnapping" by the black knights.

And he never intentionally used Euphie, putting her under the geass was an accident. But Suzaku is too stupid to realize that Lulu actually cared alot about Euphie. Afterall, she was his first love.

BTW Vladmir, are you joining the club?
yeah he never intended to use Euphie... it was a slip of his mouth kind of joke that turned to be real bad as his Geass became uncontrollable
It would have turned out well if Euphie and Lelouch worked together in that Autonomous Region of Japanese people or whatever it is called.
Suzaku will have to submit to Euphie's wishes if she were alive and must cooperate with Zero... Cornelia cant go against her sister as well... lol so the tides might turn to the favor of the Black Knights

and I think Nunally already knows or just kept her mouth shut about her brother being Zero. for one thing her sense of hearing and feeling is amazing... proof of that is the one where she recognized Arthur (the cat) as crippled or injured. she also felt the prescence of V.V. as the same feel as C.C.'s
and... in the episode of the Mao arc where she got kidnapped Mao kept on saying
"You should have ordered them to kill me not shoot me..." and shes not that naive... after all she is the daughter of Marian and Charles

Suzaku is a walking contradiction as I have said earlier lol he is an idiot for all I care

yes I am joining the club! :D

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Welcome to the club Vladimir. Thats awesome. I had actually planned on making a banner for the club myself but never got around to it.

I was really sad when the whole Euphie thing went down. Felt bad for both Lulu and Euphie. I wonder what would of happened if the accident never happened and they got to work together on the SAZ like they planned. Wonder if Lulu would have then revealed his indentity to world since there wouldn't be much reason to hide it then.
it would have worked fine, Lelouch was up to it I guess...
the words that came out from his mouth was a joke =( he never intended it to ever happen.
the fact that he shook hands with Euphie was sign enough that he consented to Euphie's views. Cornelia would never do anything to harm Euphie is it would turn out that Cornelia will be their silent associate lol Schniezel did say that the idea is a good one so yeah =0 he will be on their side ;O
and keep it in mind as well that Schniezel is rumored to be challenging the emperor for the throne...
here is a quote from wiki
Schneizel El Britannia is the second prince of the Britannia Imperial Family. The Emperor, despite being aware of the fact that Schneizel intends to challenge him, seems to be lenient toward Schneizel and lets his son do anything as he pleases. As Nunnally pointed out, he was the only person who could beat Lelouch in chess.

btw... how do you do a spoiler tag lol
I have yet to watch it... downloading at the moment.. although Iv read some of the spoilers... it should be interesting to see how Lelouch would react to Nunnally talking
Rollo saves the day, I'm interested how Rollo and Lulu's relationship unfolds, I'm hoping lulu someday sees him as more than a tool.

It was great to see the ultra cute Nunnaly, oh and the Gurren upgrade beat the shit out of those knights of the round xD

I feel for Lelouch, having to watch someone like Suzaku take your loved one away when she was in his reach.
Suzaku is an idiot I tell you... He deserves to go to hell and get his intestines castrated and offered as a sacrifice to Oyashiro-sama's curse D:
He is now a genuine dick he will be the first person who I am considering to write his name on the death note (if they both existed of course lol)
amazing... I did not think I can hate an anime which is of course a fictional character this badly D:
and yes... I am beginning to hate that Gino guy... he is annoying and arrogant may he die in hell too lol =D good thing he got beaten by the new Upgraded Gurren Lakshata saves the day
and yeah I am hoping that Lelouch will see Rolo more than a tool with two Geass users the chances of toppling Britannia increases... but this anime seems twisted and cynical so I am not hoping much of this theory
but still I prefer that Lelouch would treat him more of a brother than a tool now.
and hell... Nunally and Kaguya's getup were amazing don't you think? uber kawaii
wonder if lulu kisses kallen in the next ep lol, if you've seen the extended preview it could happen then it also shows lulu and rollo close...maybe rollo used his geass and replaced kallen with himself >.<
That would be really wierd if Rollo wants to kiss Lelouch. But a Lelouch/Kallen kiss would be interesting. Wonder how she would react to it since she has mixed feeling about Lulu/Zero. And also how CC would react to it since she got jealous of Shirley in the first season for just talking to Lelouch. Cant imagine how she would react to another woman kissing him.