Rebirth CO²

Guardian Angel
It's pretty good imo, the "first-person-view" of sorts is really interesting, though I agree that the running parts got my eyes all squinting or something that made it all confuzzled. x.x

But the reptile monster thing looked pretty pathetic imo, it looked like some giant deformed retarded chicken-spider hybrid reject, lol. X.x The creatures that it spawned off of it made the movie a little less interesting in a way, as I think they showed that off a little too early to make it look good tbqh.

I'd rate it somewhere around 4.6/5 imo.


Oderint Dum Metuant
somebody go to the movie and take a pic of the monster because I want to see it but I don't plan on going to the movies for it lol.

Also Cloverfield 2 is in the works but not much has been said about it other than "what if the civilians weren't the only people with video cameras?" or something along those lines.


jesus stole my taco
lol i read all the background story of why the monster was made and all that and i gotta say, its addictive stuff

the movie was good but if they dont make some kind of sequel it is pretty hard to tell wats goin on

chimerA.^ bored.
I heard that Cloverfield 2 was gonna be through the eyes of another guy that was filming on Brooklyn Bridge, supposedly there was a moment during the bridge scene where there was another guy that was filming Hud, and vice-versa, but I dunno if it was true.

chimerA.^ bored.
It seems to be a very mixed audience, it seems that the only people who didn't enjoy it, just hated how you can't really "see" anything. I thought it just made the experience deeper.

And when they were hiding behind the cars, and you see the army battling the monster. You can hear Hud screaming "oh shit, oh shit!" Tanks rolling by, rifles going off. Aww, man, that was great.