Can you live without your cell phone?


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Personally, I find myself hating the internet and cellphones quite often. I don't talk on the phone much or use my phone, though I do develope for mobile media- the irony! I resisted even owning a cell phone for a long time because I prefered peace and quite, being under the radar and being able to contact people only when I wanted to contact them. Cellphone's are a leash. People are attached to them, flipping them open every 5 minutes to see if they've got a new text message.

Seriously, how many people get calls that are THAT freaking important. When I'm out with friends I don't answer my phone, because whatever it is -chances are it can wait- and it bothers me when others talk on the phone when out and about. I'm giving someone my most valuable and scarce resource, my time!

Have some courtesy and respect people.

/end rant
I cant live without my phone. I bring it to everywhere i go except school,and if is not beside me,i will feel like something missing. And furthermore,im obsessed with phones =.=..


I'm in the exact same boat as LoneWolf.
I HATE CELLPHONES/PHONES. They're the most horrible thing ever. I can't stand talking on a phone for more than 4 minutes; i never... NEVER ring people like friends etc. I find no need for it. I can not handle ringing jobs and such on the phone either, although it's slightly more tolerable since you don't have to have to have silence for more than 2 seconds and the phone call is specific.

Getting texts are even worse. I havn't had credit on my phone for the past 2 months.
I get around fine. If i need to get picked up or go somewhere i can sort it without one.
If i need to find my friends, i know exactally where to find them without a phone :D
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i can live without cell phones ..but lately its been important since my mp3 is given for repair and i have to use my phone to listen to my music when goin anywhere


My nokia n95 got stolen... x_________x; That was like 6 months ago now and i've since had it replaced but sTTTTIllll. Living with a shyte phone is absolute arse!


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usually people don't call me nor message me :(
nobody loves me :(
so i used my former phone for music but it broke, so i only have this old phone and i don't use it :(
there are a few ppl calling me and stuff but, when i am home at least, i always put my phone under a pile of clothes or sth and never find it until i leave for school again :D
but i always have it when i am out or sth cuz i need to have music in my ears :D