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CakeCat Cafe
Welcome to the CakeCat Cafe

DescriptionHere you can eat different types of sweets like: ice cream,cookies,cake,pancakes and many other.Also you can drink tea,coffee,milk, or any other type of drink you would like. You will get served by Neko Maids that will try to give their best at serving you. No doing perverted stuff to the maids because you will get kicked out of the cafe. So be careful.Rules 1) All members must follow G2Anime rules.3) Don't argue.4) You can post pics related to the cafe.5) Have fun.How to join1) Must have at least 20 posts2) Leave a reply to the cafe or VM/PM me ^^.​
Owner: cute-angel13Co-owner: Gene StarwindThe ones that come to eat at the cafeDarkSignKyrararen
Neko Maidamielnic
Neko MilkshakeArashihime will prepare you the most delicious milkshakes you ever tasted.Neko SexyViral will take your order and give it to our chefs. Neko Chefamandaluvsya will prepare very sweet cake and cookies that will make you ask for more


Lolis' God
Staff member
*reads the menuOh nom nom, all things here sounds delicious ^^A coffee please, and give me your suggestion of the day too, thank you
*Returns the menu