[Beta] HSD Voting Thread

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Kaze Araki

Libertarian Communist
Mar 3, 2011
Voting Rules:

Strictly no spam or personal attack of any kind (valid or invalid does not matter) is allowed.
2. Faithfully follow the voting format given below, be careful when counting the total score.
3. Posted vote by right cannot be changed or deleted (in order to keep a fair play). However, taking account of human error, any changes in posted vote is tolerated only up to 30 minutes since the vote was posted. Any changes after the time limit will render the vote as invalid.
4. There are basically three positions that a voter can choose; Debater A, Debater B and Equal (all are self explanatory in the voting format example below). Within the Voting Format, in Voter's Position, Equal means the voter has a balance view towards the issue. In Points Distribution, Equal means both debaters has the same strength
in the specified area (and therefore both debaters will receives no points).
5. Voting thread will open on the same day as the last round of the debate (Round 4: Epilogue) and will remain open for the next four days.

Voting Format:
Voter's Position
Before debate: Equal (Choose either John Doe, Jane Doe or Equal)
After debate: Jane Doe
(Choose either John Doe, Jane Doe or Equal)

Points Distribution
Debate etiquette (1 point, Equal = 0): Jane Doe
Spelling and grammar (1 point
, Equal = 0): Equal
Best argument (3 points
, Equal = 0): Jane Doe
Sources reliability (2 points
, Equal = 0): John Doe

Total Score
John Doe: 2 points
Jane Doe: 4 points

Voter's Comment
John Doe's argument is less forceful and less convincing even though he used the best sources available. Jane Doe's debating technique outwit John Doe's dry evidences.

Voting Time:

22nd September 2011 - 25th September 2011 (GMT+0:00, DST=Off)


Visions of Hell
Apr 28, 2011
Well I guess its voting time.

On the topic of
Is the statement made by Toronto Police Const. Michael Sanguinetti - "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized" - justifiable?
My initial position was with Nightmare Gear. Now that the debate is over it has not changed.

Point distribution:
Debate etiquette: equal
Spelling and grammar: equal
Best argument: Kaze Araki (no idea how to write his new name)
source reliability equal (I see no sources mentioned)

Total score:
Kaze Araki: 3 points
Nightmare Gear: 0 points

I personally felt that both arguments failed to be really convincing. Kaze however, managed to take control over the debate, forcing Nightmare Gear into a defense and for that reason I gave Kaze the points for the best argument.
May 7, 2011
Voter's Position
Before debate: Con (against Sanguinetti's statement)
After debate: Nightmare gear

Points Distribution
Debate etiquette (1 point, Equal = 0): equal (0)
Spelling and grammar (1 point, Equal = 0): Equal (0)
Best argument (3 points, Equal = 0): equal (0)
Sources reliability (2 points, Equal = 0): n/a

Total Score
0-0 tie?

Voter's Comment
Both debaters made good points while at the same time failing to address other crucial ones, and for this reason I believe the debate is a draw. Reading over the debate thread again, there were a few instances where Nightmare gear could have brought particular points/arguments against Kaze Araki, but didn't, instead choosing a different direction which made his (ng) argument slightly weaker. On the other hand, as much as I tried to be impartial when approaching the debate, Kaze araki's arguments did not come close to convincing me to abandon my original position. He ignored the fundamental fact, which I think NG pointed out at some point, that rape is solely the action and responsibility of the rapist. This was addressed indirectly, but the manner of the argument did not convince me.
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