Artist's Row Posting Guide Lines

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Nov 23, 2010
Posting Guide Lines -----1. TopicsTry to keep your topic clean, do not post it with many, many colors or too many images. If so, use the spoiler.----2. Avoid spam!!Comments such as "oh i liked that series!!", "i love ur sig xD", "Nice sig or avatar" are considered SPAM, prove you'r not that air-headed and write some nice comments. <3 Justify your post!! Give reason for your answer, otherwise it will be deleted. Post constructively~----3. Posting guidelinesRemember to make your posts thoughtful and always try to invite good discussion, and have respect for other people's opinions. If we feel that you are deliberately looking to start trouble or to annoy people, don't expect either your thread or posts to last very long. As long as your post is related to the topic of the thread, it won't be considered spamming or off-topicism. Have fun.--------- Threads searching and postingLook to see if a thread about your interest already exists!! Most of the forums boards have handy indexes that the staff here work hard to keep updated. If you're unsure whether the topic you'd like to discuss already has a thread, please check there first.--------- Make your titles very clear!If you are creating the thread, please make sure that the topic is sufficiently self-explanatory in the title instead of making it something like 'OMG this is so cool
!' Please, please, don't do that - if you make vague titles, even if you have an excellent first post, be prepared to see the title changed by the moderators here to better reflect the subject of the thread.
Not open for further replies.