Archer VS Saber


Seeing all my other threads that no one replies on I hope people can debate about this one since you guys know alot about saber :D
I'm going to go with Archer for now. Simply because UBW is so ridiculously powerful and is pretty much capable of beating any other servant if Archer's master is present to channel him mana.

Though being that I'm not as knowledgeable in this area as say Ray there may be a few factors I don't know of that could cause Saber to win over Archer.


Well if Archer doesn't have a servant hes consider very weak but it really depends on how much mana he has cause UBW takes out a chunck of Mana Saber with Excailbur is a almost perfect attack that can slice anything if they go melee Archer will lose but with UBW Archer

1. Sword spam
2. Shoot Noble Phantasms with rank of A which = Most of other servants Noble Phantasm
3. He can trace anything within the mortal world Also UBW can also project any armor or shield used by a hero of the past.

4. If he goes head to head with Saber he can win with a Wep he makes and UBW gives him endless options to win a battle
Its stated he can copy Gil's GOB

5. His weakness is his mana also as a CG he is weaker then everyother servant so he has his cons and flaws
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Well as much as I do love debating, almost everything I know about Fate/Stay Night is from you Ray, so it's hard for me to debate with you.

Though, even given your last post I still think Archer has a higher chance of winning. Though there are still lots of things we can't really factor in like the set up of the battle, and where each individual servant's master is. There are just too many variables.


to tell you the truth no idea who is Archer
lols you don't need to :D

@ Gnome well true but Archer has Independent action which makes him able to surive without a master and saber at a perfect master with excailbur and avalon is a force to reckon with

UBW requires alot of mana , concentration, and the chant
Its consider the noble phantasm withe most weakness

If saber just goes brute with excailvur Archer is dead unless he Rho Aias first then uses UBW then Traces GOB to weaken saber then finish her off with Black excailbur which is not a very easy thing yet this is one of the many possibles

Since the area the fight in also proves their advantages and disadvantges
Well if you watched the anime alone, it will be common sense to say Archer is pretty worthless....But damn, in UBW Archer is a god.

So I think with the right Masters providing them both with sufficient maner, Archer wins.
Well to me Archer would always win as long as Saber does not have Avalon. If she has Avalon she can beat Anti-World noblephantasms on a level that no other servant can match. Without Avalon Archer could easily trace Excalibur in the UBW and in the UBW his traced weapons can exceed the originals as proved in the UBW story. Failing Excalibur there is still Durandal and Moradach which came before it. Rho Hias could probably beat Excalibur as well since it can beat Gae Bolg. Adding the ability to bullet round his swords the same way Gilgamesh does and he could easily win as long as no outside factors are added such as interferance from Shirou. It all hinges on Avalon.


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I finished watching a long while ago and I'm going to Saber, but you know I think Archer has a high chance of standing up to Saber.
in terms of Phantasms I think Archer is stronger than Saber's correct me if I am wrong for I am only basing it on the anime I have seen