[Anime] Wolf's Rain

Wolf's Rain

Genre: Fantasy/ Sci-fi, Drama, Adventure, Supernatural, Action

Watched Subbed/Dubbed: Subbed

No. of Episodes: 30

Opening Theme: "Stray" performed by Steve Conte

Ending Theme: "Gravity" performed by Maaya Sakamoto


Hundreds of years from now, most of the Earth is a ruined wasteland with most people living in dome-like cities that dot the landscape. Legends speak of how wolves know where Paradise lies at the end of the world But wolves, along with most wild animals, have been extinct for 200 years...or so everyone believes..It is in one such domed structure that we encounter Kiba, a young and very proud wolf. However, these wolves have developed the ability to appear to be human to most onlookers. Along with his companions Tsume, Hige, and Toboe, Kiba searches tirelessly for Cheza the Flower Maiden and paradise.


Wolf's Rain deals very carefully with the issues of human-animal relations as well as the very real issue of environmental destruction. It's not pounded into our heads, though it's just the reality of the world these characters live in. The wolves have nowhere left to go, they can scavenge for food in the city, or leave it to face an empty wasteland and only a vague hope of freedom and happiness.

The art is excellent, The animation might not be fancy with jaw-dropping CGI or anything, but it's clean and smooth and quite sufficient for the show. As for the music, there's a track particular that sounds like wolves howling (even though it's not), and will send chills up your spine. The voice acting is also good, especially the voice actor for Tsume, who has a definitely 'wolf'-like timbre to his voice.

The characterisation is truly excellent for humans and wolves alike. The best part of all is that the wolves act like wolves, not like some anthropomorphic furry creatures. They may look like humans much of the time, but it's clear they're not human.

The pacing is good, there are occasional slow moments but it's never boring. There are a few questionable things that relate with the problem of wolves that look like people, such as when they are required to do something that would obviously require fingers (like use a key), but it's a small error and doesn't really affect the show.

In the end, Wolf's Rain is a good, cool and beautiful Anime that is well worth watching and will leave you wanting more.

Recommended Audience: Though mostly stylized, Wolf's Rain contains some moderately graphic violence. As a consequence of the mild carnage, this Anime should only be viewed by 13 years old or greater.

Overall: 4.5/5

Story: 5/5

Animation: 4/5

Art: 4/5

Music: 4/5 - (All of the songs are in English, interestingly enough, but they're pretty catchy)


Did you write this or you copied it from another forum? Its good but I have never seen you write a review so I won't know how you write yet.... Anyways its good and its been on cartoon network but I don't like it that much... The storyline is kinda like Euraka 7 but they are just running away...


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I liked this one, not my favorite but definately worth watching in my book. the story in itself wasnt all that bad but now that you mention it eureka seven is also similar. either way, i liked it.
I took several reviews from different websites and merged them together deleting and editing what I felt necessary, I was kind of pressed for time when I was making this review, If you want me to edit or re-write the review I will do so.