And thus I depart... (version 2)

Well, it seems like my old thread got trashed during the forum upgrade.

Anyway, to sum up what I said in the previous thread:

Since new mods for the Soul Sanctuary have been found, I can now say goodbye.

I have nothing against the admins here (but admittedly the last two weeks have been a PR nightmare as btmangan correctly pointed out) and I wish them the best of luck. In fact, I would stay here and chat more, but six months ago I swore to follow Emmie wherever she went, and I don't intend to go back on that promise. Furthermore, I am the SMod in charge of the Soul Sanctuary over at GO, so naturally I'd prioritize GO over G2.

When the forum split, I thought that just pulling off an exodus and leaving the Soul Sanctuary and its competitions in a lurch wasn't the right thing to do, so I remained here with darky to sort out the power transition in that section, and since that's over and done with, I can thus depart.

I've made good friends here. Big shoutouts to @King Yoshi, @KuroNightStar, @:sachiko: and @kyarararen. You folks have been amazing.

Well, I won't be gone forever. Now and then I'll drop by to say hi, but most of time will be focused on GO. Hugs to everyone; I'll see you folks around! ;A;


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Bye Hadriel
Thank you for being gracious and helpful during the split
Blackgold and I will do our best to keep Soul Sactuary up and running

Good luck with your Smod job and I wish you all the luck : )