And now I draw my final curtain call....

The Jest

Beneath the Mask...
Jun 9, 2011
Before I state anything, know that I have nothing truly against the staff of any kind. No personal queries or the sort. However, I must leave here.

A few reasons, of my leave. Only one of which is my actual reason.

I came here through Emeralda like many others, and I confess that the situation that has happened has indeed saddened me. However, being a man of neutrality, I was willing to to stay here anyways so long as the RP section was up. Ergo, this is not why I'm leaving.

I came here specifically for the RP section. It's the only place of any forum I can say I'm active in. So when I saw this site delete it's RP section, that did spark my need to make this topic. However, I was then told that the RP section got back up, though either for temporary or permanently, I cannot say. If it was only temporarily as I was told, then yes, I suppose that could be a strong reason why. However, even permenently up, I feel I can't stay here any longer. Ergo that's not the real reason.

The insanity of this entire situation could be more then enough reason to leave, if only to leave the E-drama behind me. But I've dealt with E-drama before, and really care not for it so long as it doesn't involve myself. Ergo, this is not the reason either.

My REAL reason why I'm leaving: ...I just realize I don't have as much time as I used to. I have college, you see, and being a man of distractions (My fault entirely though) I just have to leave a site to balance things out. I assure again that it's nothing personal, it's simply that I chose this site to leave and nothing more.

Alas, this topic has went on for too long. And so I bid my farewell. I won't be surprised with a "Who are you?" I wasn't truly active anywhere except the RP section anyways.

Staff of G2: I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

Felow RPers of G2: If you wish to find me, You know where to do so. For those who wish to continue their activities here, I wish you too the best of luck, may you complete your RPs with satisfaction in your heart. If you need to contact me, I'm welcome to chat on any of the IMs.

As for the supporters of Lady Emeralda: Know that I am on no one's side, and I shall see you in GO. *Shot for sounding not only hypocritical but oxymoron at the same time* Once again, the only reason I'm leaving this site is that I just have to take one out of the fray to balance with my college work.

...Now this truly has gone on far too long. So with that I bid you all adeu until we meet again.

*Disappears into a puff of purple smoke with an echoing word:*



The Lotus Eater
Staff member
Sep 19, 2011
Best of wishes to you. I know myself college can be hectic so I hope you have nothing but good luck in your own endeavors.


Earth's Blessing
Staff member
Aug 12, 2011
It was nice having you around Jest
and for trying to stay neutral on both sides
I also would like to thank you for your time
I hope you will be happy with what you do in the future
Stay cool~!