AMV Question

unless you want some form of video voice over the best thing to use is just movie maker from Microsoft. its also the easyest thing to learn from


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I remember the first and only AMV I made...I actually did hard software...We weren't high enough on the food chain to use the PC cuts...

I should try to remake it


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I use Sony Vegas. its nice, its somewhat user friendly, and its never shuts down in the middle of something. You'll have to buy it if you're not a pirate.
Well I used to use WMM but its all about Sony Vegas now, although right now I fiddling with a different program (shh I'm not telling until I get some good results from it heh heh).
are there any free programs that are good for movie editing besides window movie maker?
cause right now the windows movie editor we use is screwed D: it has a green color below the screen which sucks real bad


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Sorry for the bump, but yeah, try sony vegas, it may take more time to learn on vegas, but it's definetly better than wmm :p