A fairy tale for your children


Pistis Sophia
Feb 10, 2007
Long long time ago, in a far away land, lived a beautiful princess.

But one day a very evil knight, jealous that he could not have her, sneaked into her castle and kidnapped her!

When the king noticed the princess was missing, he was sad. But did not wait long and called the bravest knights from the country, promising the hand of his daughter to whomever saves the princess from the hand of the black knight.

All the strongest, wisest and best knights assembled to the king's call and ventured to the dark forest, where the black knight's castle lay.

What did they not know, was that many traps and trials stood on their way.

Ogres, dragons, fairies, mermaids, the black knight assembled his own group of strongest and wisest beasts.

Many were defeated in battle, others were tempted by the beautiful mermaids just to be eaten later, and those who were not worthy could neither find the castle, nor the exit, and spend the rest of their lives in the forest.

Only one knight, the bravest and strongest knight in shining armour managed to arrive at the black knights castle.

But sadly, the knight in the shining armour was too exhausted from the trip, as he was also too proud in his power.

The battle between the two knights lasted 2 days and 2 nights, and on the third day the black knight mortally struck the knight in silver armour.

The Black Knight had no strength left and the only thing about which he thought now, was that he finally won.

And that was his last mistake, as he did not hear the princess walk to him.

She stabbed him with a sword when he least expected it, and walked away just like that, the castle belonging now only to her, and becoming the master of her own fate.

The princess' name was Emeralda.