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  1. tyron256

    One Piece: Stong World Discussion

    well he was with mihawk for two years, seems he picked up a little more than skill as a swordsman not to mention the groups that helped the crew over the two years holding the navy off so they could escape
  2. tyron256

    Nick Simmons plagarizes popular manga series

    lol seriously? did he really think nobody would notice plagiarism from a mainstream series iike bleach?
  3. tyron256


    one of my all time favorite series has come to an end (though its been a while since it did). definitely going to collect the manga and quite possibly the DVD's even though ive already DL'd the entire series XD
  4. tyron256

    Welcome moi!

    Welcome to the site! have fun and just ask if you need to know anything
  5. tyron256

    Didn't know where else to put it...

    welcome back, nice work there!
  6. tyron256

    i have returned

    thank you all!
  7. tyron256

    i have returned

    thanks and its looking good!
  8. tyron256


    Welcome to G2! feel fee to ask if you need something
  9. tyron256

    i have returned

    sure, no prob, nice to see the site back up (checked in a while back to find it down o_O)
  10. tyron256

    i have returned

    back after a long hiatus! hope everyone thats still around remembers me
  11. tyron256

    Count to 10,000

    2775 so are we fixing it? lol
  12. tyron256

    Count to 10,000: All Your Stuffs R Belong To Me~

    2775 so are we fixing it? lol
  13. tyron256

    Count to 10,000