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    New Layout! - Version 3

    Sweet changes!! I really like the new choice of colours! SASUGA Nori san!
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    Whats the best Comedy anime you ve seen??????????

    Some of the jokes in School rumble are funny.
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    Whats your Nationality?

    I am AUSTRALIAN!! in Australia we ride kangaroos... not really hahaha..
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    Online RPGs

    Priston tales is a great online game.. free till you get till lvl 80. absolutly great!
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    Windows Vista

    Boy oh boy ... why is it that vista always pops up with Rundll stuff? its really really anoying.
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    Series - Great Techer Onizuka

    Note! any one who likes this will love the J drama GTO it great!!
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    Archangel's Lounge

    hmmm.. Naruto.. it tastes ok in ramen.
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    When do you go to bed?

    Bed?? stuff bed.. go Korean style and do 60 hour marathons! hhahahaha
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    When is enough, enough?

    Whilst in town i noticed three young children with naruto head band. one child had rapped his arms in bandages and what holding what could only be described as a knife... hahahaha. No doubt these 'ninja' will experience the joys of ninja hood some time soon. NOTE: People have lost eyes throwing...