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    [SM] Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko

    nicer if were megaup. still, thanks
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    Beyblade 2002

    i like dubbbed in english, but links are dead
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    Beyblade G Revolution (TV)

    1st season ok but here links are dead
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    [Dubbed] Beyblade Complete Season 1 (6 Mirrors) -55 MB-H.264-

    thank you. i like english dubbed.
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    [DVD] 801 T.T.S. Airbats [MKV][English][80 MB] (6 Mirrors)

    thank you. i like english dubbed.
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    Hellsing English Dubbed

    thank you. like dubbed
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    Favorite Shows

    lexx saphire & steel
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    Iron Man

    i liked the 1rst, the 2nd has worse music.
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    The Simpsons

    i like mr burns
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    Any UFC fans?

    i like it but i'm not a fan
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    Whats your favorite sports?

    formula 1
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    Instrumental or Lyrical?

    lyrical plus instrumental
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    Band Recommendations and Discussions

    black sabbath
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    Music Preferences