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  1. Hidoi-Neko

    How to post a pic in your sig?

    First go here: so now you're here: click on this button: it should be like this now:
  2. Hidoi-Neko

    THE cutest anime characters^^

    Okei, I looked up the anime/manga forum adn haven't found this topic, so i'm opening it^^. Oh and post more then just 1 KAWAII char. (it's in the title "characters") Okei my first is defenetly Honey-sempai from Ouran high school host club (OHSHC), I could just eat him all up...
  3. Hidoi-Neko

    Hi minna^^!

    Hi all^^! I'm Hidoi-Neko, but my real name is Karin-chan^^ (without -chan part in real). I'm 15 years old, A CHICK and I'm form Slovenia: very, very small countary, south of Austria, east from Italy, west from Hungary and north from Croatia, to make it easier for ya: PS: it says "we...