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    Sanji's Channel

    What's up with your link? I get mature content, must be over 18. How come?
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    What anime are you currently watching?

    I suggest stopping Blue Gender, depending on how far you are. To me it was good for the first few eps, but then it got depressing. Everyone always dies except for the two main characters, so it's up to you, but I'm just trying to help.
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    Wats the best Manga you have ever read?

    I hate to insult your taste Sanji, but Battle Royal sucks ass. I tried it, and I all I saw was a large amount of violence for no reason. My opinion, but maybe after the first book it changes.
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    What anime are you currently watching?

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Sanji1P @ April 5, 2007, 11:33 PM) 5692</div> It's a little late for me to say this, but the link is not working. Could you give me another way?
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    New Forum Skin

    Using Light Mist right now cause it's sweet!
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    New Forum Skin

    I like it a lot too, but I think the one from the a while ago. The original skin was a little better. I don't remember the gaps appearing on the sides of the forum screen.
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    What anime are you currently watching?

    Stopped Kyo Kara Maoh, got sick of it. Watching: Kiba, Law of Ueki, and Kara Kage Mamoru.
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    Who Is Hotter? Rukia Or Orihime

    Orihime is definitely hotter, but I think Rukia is cooler.
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    What about jpop?
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    Milestone Posts

    After a prolonged break do a shitload of homework, I'm back and here's my 250th post. Edit Just kidding it's my 251, that's weird, that means the count above for me was wrong.
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    Do you believe in ghosts?

    Yeah you really do sound crazy, but if I was you I would have been the one who jumped and then sprinted away.
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    Anime Sites

    Isn't that what we've been doing in general in this section?
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    Whats your favorite hobby?

    Internet without a week, ouch. I have it when I lose the internet.
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    Whats the story behind your username????

    That's sorta funny, it also reminds me of an epi pen. Although I'm not sure if I spelled that right.
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    What are you listening to now?

    Led Zeppelin, and Beat Crusaders, as of right now, like around this time.
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    Whats the story behind your username????

    I have to agree that was the worst show I've seen, what makes it worse is that I was friends with some people who actually liked it.
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    I like it, you can get it at for a limited time.
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    Just started to dl it, and watch it. I read part of the manga and liked. So far the anime is pretty good, just a little slow at times.. Any other opinions?
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    Video games/Voilence

    Well yeah that's what I mean. They would play so long that they died. Didn't sleep, eat, anything, just played.
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    Gundam seed Destiny

    It isn't that hard to tell. Each series has it's own slight style. Like Gundam Wing looks different from Gundam Seed. At least the main gundams do.