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    Merry Christmas 2006

    Hello everyone out there in the world...Merry Chrstmas.....and for those of you whom do not celebrate it ...uhhhhhh Happy Christmahonaquanzika
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    Whats your favorite band?

    Mindless Self Indulgence
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    Worst Anime

    Okay there are numerious animes out there that suck but the worst of them all End in MON, DIGIMON, POKEMON,BETAMON.......yeah they all suck they are yeah stay away from them...oh and duel masters sucks too lol
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    new one go ahead bash away

    Okay nori really smashed the last one i did ...but he had a right to it sucked..i spend quite a few hours on this one....and i rather like it...i think i chose a better smoother text and the background took the msot work ive ever put forth...well bash away :-D
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    What do you think

    Well yeah check out the sig...i know the border is a lil old school but i like the sig itself.
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    Word association

    pamela anderson
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    Funniest Joke!

    who knew a bot could be so funny....:-P
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    hellsing dig

    I agree on the background that its much to colorful but the font i like i just think with less chaos in the background that you would be able to realize that the font will fit much better. Alacard is way to random in this doesnt depict anything of his true personality...I mean I love...
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    the taliban are actually coming up with interesting ways of camo...

    you know i actaully found that somewhat amuzing...i mean i dont like that fact that we are at war but all at the same time i think its insanly amusing that the Taliban is using giant forests of marijuana for cover. I mean obviously the only people in the world that dont like marijuana is the...
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    Yeah well im at the tail end of my highschool career and i dont really want to leave...i love it....the sports the poeple and my freinds!!
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    Word association

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    New Set of the Nori

    hahhahaha nori nori nori...such noobie work lol...nah its nice....i like the blending, its really nice...
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    Dubs vs. Subs

    Dubbed animes are rediculious i mean they are sapose to be watched in there full entirety so yeah i hate dubbed...subs are great ...i mean if your illiterate it might be bad :-p but ya know.
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    Pluto Not a Planet!?

    Hmm im not sure of your level of intelligance but hmm im going to say this nice...the sun is not a planet lol its a massive body of gas and matter...other wise known as a star lol or a SUPER NOVA wich is a category of star lol...well just thought ide let you know that.
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    Anime Absolution

    lol that sorta reminds me....a while back i had a little terrible site named Absolute Anime lol but i looked at your site and damn....much better than mine ever coulda been...shearly cuz im lazy lol...hella nice site though.
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    Do you guys like my name

    Well im first off i must say im glad to see that I got a reply...woohoo forum activity, Yes I was under the impression that you weren't looking for an apology. But i was not trying to offend any of you, and I was not trying to offend you Krahe i was mearly giving a responce. But yes thats...
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    ^ < v Game

    ^ Yeah have way to much damn homework < Waiting for Nori to finish my damn Sig V Still extreamly mad that his forum was hacked
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    How old are you guys?

    19....november 21st...
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    Do you guys like my name

    Okay, let me be quite blunt and to the point....the fact of the matter is concidering girls in the forum didnt even cross my mind except for the fact that i dont care what you think...truth of the matter, i needed 8 posts to download because regardless of how much Nori LOVES me ....he wont bend...
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    Yo im not technically new i was here when the forum first opened but yeah if you need anything (im smarted than nori) technologically or graphically or anime stuff...come on and ask im super :-P