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    Nersius' Den of Servitude.

    I somehow got dumped into a position where I have to make graphics for a website design class, that I got dumped into because the class I signed up for was full, so I'm wondering if you guys can throw me some projects to do? So far all I've done is one or two recolors and two splicing of...
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    Tempest is away, hurry and post sinks!

    You know the drill, go go go.
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    The Lab

    (Please use the syntax () for normal talking, ie talking between rp'ers and discussing rules of the RP, or asking to bunny, ** for actions, "for character talking, and nothing to describe the parameters that your character sees/is in.)A kenomimi rodent wakes up, feeling heavy and feels a bunch...
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    The Egomaniacal Kitsune >: 3

    I might as well make one of these, hello, I am Nersius. I also go by the aliases Glaricion and Iwubchickenwubbins. I am sorry for the text wall at the bottom. Anyway, I hope that I improve your site experience, or at least speed up the LPW threads. Thank you for your time.1. How did you find...