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    Anime/Manga Female Popularity Tournament

    Rawr, what happened to this?
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    Anime/Manga Male Popularity Tournament

    BEELZEBUB! YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!: Tatsumi Oga Tatsuya Himekawa Hidetora Toujou Hajime Kanzaki HELL YES I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS CONTEST.
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    [Discussion Thread] Bioshock [GAME OVER]

    Eh? Why do you guys want GoW gone? Nyah, jumping onto ze lynch? Not cool. Plus, I like GoW. He always makes for a good ally, if worst comes to worst.
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    [Voting Thread] Bioshock

    Sanae GMV Because we don't have too many suspects right now...
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    [Discussion Thread] Madoka Magica Renewal [GAME OVER]

    ............ O-kay.... Honestly, though, when you host an Assassin Game, you are making a promise. To be dedicated, and to make the experience as awesome and enjoyable for people as possible. I'm sorry. I'm sure you were going through bad circumstances during this time. But if you...
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    [Discussion Thread] Bioshock [GAME OVER]

    Hmm... What I'm curious about is teh subfactions. I don't have one, but I wonder... who DOES?
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    [Discussion Thread] Madoka Magica Renewal [GAME OVER]

    To be quite honest... After the reboot, I started getting disillusioned... Because I still remembered GvS... That, and I actually have to do hardcore studying, which I hate, but I guess that's no excuse. I don't know, I felt that after you started giving up on your Day Posts, Miyako...
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    [Discussion Thread] Bioshock [GAME OVER]

    Tsk... Here I am, just hiding. I have support abilities, mostly, so anyone in the vicinity of the song from Meet the Robinsons, feel free to contact me~
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    [Discussion Thread] Bioshock [GAME OVER]

    Well, thinking in terms of reality and not the plot, the chances of a hidden faction are quite high. Why? Because, remember, Frapp helped Shadow on this game. Notice how the structure is quite similar to the Gundam AG? It could ALSO include that game's "true assassins".
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    WoTF Theme Nominations/ Votes! [Week 2]

    Alright, this is the thread where we ask for what ideas YOU, the people, want to write about! Simply state the idea that you want to take on here. Once we've received seven ideas, official voting will start, and will run until the conclusion of the current WoTF, wherein we will tabulate the...
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    Writing of the Fortnight: The Second Week

    People... are fundamental, to how our world operates, and to its state today. We hold great power within ourselves, and it is only through harnessing this power within that we can achieve our full potential. But, to gain this power, one must learn not only self-reliance, but reliance on others...
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    WoTF Theme Nominations/ Votes! [Week 1]

    With four votes, MT Members is the topic for the NEXT WoTF!!!! Plus, this topic is now officially CLOSED!
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    Writing of the Fortnight: The First Week

    Voting is up, everybody!!! If you are a writer, you CAN participate in the voting, but I trust that you won't vote for yourself, m'kay?
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    Writing of the Fortnight: The First Story

    The first voting for Writing of the Fortnight! Choose which of the three you like best, then put your vote up in the poll. Any commentary you can give our writers would be much appreciated. Entry 1 Benedicta et Damnatis Blessing at the verge of solitude Crawling...
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    [Discussion Thread] Bioshock [GAME OVER]

    Eh, wait a minute... Are there any other factions besides Big Daddy, Little Sister, people and Splicer? Because none of them are actually LISTED under the heading, nyah~
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    [Discussion Thread] Bioshock [GAME OVER]

    0_0 Suicidal Graham. Anyways, Splicers are the minority? Quite strange, considering in Bioshock they outnumbered the humans by a wide margin. Oh well... *shrugs*
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    Writing of the Fortnight: The First Week

    We're around an hour away from closing the competition. Thank you to the people who have submitted entries!
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    [Discussion Thread] Madoka Magica Renewal [GAME OVER]

    Oh dear, seems like the witches really ARE gonna lose, huh? Tsk, what a shame. ANd I had such high hopes, too...
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    [Discussion Thread] Madoka Magica Renewal [GAME OVER]

    0_0 Seems like I've missed a lot. Gomen, everyone. I thought vacation meant MORE free time, not LESS. As in, now my mother is bringing me to all these weird dinners and lunches hosted by her friends. GAH. So, have all the witches been killed yet?
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    [Sign ups] Bioshock

    Oops, wrong phrasing... What I MEANT was that, since I'm on vacation, I'll have a lot of free time. Sorry about the misunderstanding!