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    Does this site even have a general request thread if ther is one at all where the hell is it? could someone point me to the right direction?
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    Rawr, help us pick 1TB worth of anime

    where i go to request new anime?
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    Rawr, help us pick 1TB worth of anime would be nice as an additional request.
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    some questions

    how to we donate right now? and it might just be me but i just noticed about the ibEconomy button and i was wondering if you could give me some explanations or introductions to it.
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    Trinity Blood

    yea i'm starting to think that too after watching 3 eps, it's getting boring.
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    Trinity Blood

    The background is in the distant future after the destruction brought about by Armageddon. The war between the vampires and the humans continue to persist. In order to protect the humans from the vampires, Vatican has to rely on other allies to counter the situation. The protagonist, a priest...
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    Tactics ( ja タクティクス)(Dual Audio)

    Well for those who might want this. Ever since he was born, Kantarou has had the 6th sense to see demons, and has become friends with them. One day a demon told him about an ogre-eating tengu, and ever since then Kantarou has been in search of it, and one day on a ghost...
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    [Dubbed] Beyblade Complete Season 1 (6 Mirrors) -55 MB-H.264-

    and man does it really have to go through upload jockey? that's one heck of a round about way to get animes lolz.
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    [Dubbed] Beyblade Complete Season 1 (6 Mirrors) -55 MB-H.264-

    wish there was a bulk dl available, and anychance you gonna upload the other seasons?
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    Downtime Tonight

    lolz no wonder the vid looks familiar isn't that what was it again something to do with a cursed doll, "something" maiden? darn forgot, and it's been awhile i've been busy for a long time.
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    Loosing Media Server - Download

    not sure about you guys though, but 70 USD is alot to me, if i am thinking in HKD. and man i hate it when i lose another good site to dl from, and if ur thinking of a free file host you could, try ifile, or rapidshare. i'm hosting some myself, so i don't forget about them. on second thought...
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    Major Season 5 Episode 17 Direct Download and G2's Looking for a Translator

    o that's good cos the rate of inactivity and use of the thread was starting to worry me.
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    Major Season 5 Episode 17 Direct Download and G2's Looking for a Translator

    is the request thread checked lolz? cos no replies for any post.
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    Well four animes.

    1. Name of Anime/Movie: Agent Aika Episodes: 7 Genre: Action, Bounty Hunters, Ecchi, Gunfights, Pantsu, Power Suits, SciFi Season/Year: 25.04.1997 till 25.04.1999 2. Name of Anime/Movie: Aika R-16 Virgin Mission Episodes: 3 Genre: Action, Ecchi, Large Breasts, Pantsu Season/Year: 25.04.2007...
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    Major Season 5 Episode 17 Direct Download and G2's Looking for a Translator

    well if you don't mind i would like to request a few animes. Agent Aika OVA 7eps. Aika R-16 Virgin Mission OVA 3eps. AIKa ZERO Currently New and Ongoing. and the request i had awhile back, detective conan.
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    Quick Media Update

    don't suppose we could rush that beyond 152? cos i just dled 1-152 through torrent awhile ago, and can't seem to find a torrent for the following.
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    Major The Movie Downloads

    404 error, page not found.
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    Media Server Back

    o wells.
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    Media Server Back

    great, but what are the conditions i don't expect anyone to lend cash with no conditions, and how you going to pay back? anyways nice work.
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    Media Server Status

    aw man again? want to try out some free hosting sites for now? they atleast could serve to hold onto the media before you get another server, could always try out sites like ifile heard they arn't bad.