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    Pouring my heart out

    Hmm.. Lets get the usual facts down first before typing up random stuff. My real name is Karryn and it's not pronounced as Karen. I hate it when people call me that xD Uh I lived in New York all my life but I plan on moving away for a while. 17 years old and getting older everyday. I used to...
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    Livestreaming Anime

    Probably on Fridays or Saturdays I can stream a few episodes of anime. What I have: - Panty and Stocking - Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - Yuruyuri /shot - K-On season 2 - Bakemonogatari Anime Movies: - 5 Centimeters per Second - Tekkonkinkreet Planning on downloading: - Steins;Gate - Ike Musume...
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    You over here. Ask me anything!

    :*love: :sigh:
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    Hamu's (small) Portfolio~

    I don't have much up yet since I'm really picky with the pictures I choose and take but here's a few that I really like~
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    Or for the English name Black God This is a really good Korean manga that I so happened to find about a year ago. I started collecting the manga but they sadly stopped printing new ones.. It's a really good story along with very unique drawing styles! Here's a MAL sysnopsis
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    Oh hay~

    Oh hello! Not really sure what to type in these types of things.. For one I'm Hamuko xD I'm starting to collect anime figures but my lack of a job makes me unable to buy a few for a while D: I also like to edit pictures and graphics and all that good stuff~ I also play a lot of MMO's and RPGs...