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  1. Ashheart1

    Hiya again!

    Hello everyone! Did you miss me? Hahaha.... anyways... it feels so good to be back! I'm excited that the boards are back up so I can be active again. Well... later.
  2. Ashheart1

    I'm checking in...

    I know I've been gone for a long time, but I can't help if I'm busy with school, especially when I get back to school on Janurary 2nd, I have to study for exams. I missed you all, for those who know me. I'm going to be on now and then. Later...
  3. Ashheart1

    Guitar Hero 3

    This game is what I know to be very popular. If have a favorite song, character, guitar style or just whatever, post here.
  4. Ashheart1

    Taking a break

    Just giving a heads up, from Wednesday November 21 to Sunday November 25, I will not be active due to relaxing on my thanksgiving break. I will be back on Monday November 26.
  5. Ashheart1

    I'm back!

    Hiya everyone! I'm back! It feels like I've been gone for a real long time. I've been busy with moving and now getting used to my new school. Now I'm in Virginia and I'm going to be there for now on. I would guess for those who know me will be happy to see that I'm on. Well.... later.
  6. Ashheart1

    Taking a break for a while

    My summer break is coming close and my time on here this week is sort of coming to an end because my laptop I got from school will be collected today so I might not be on for a while. I'll probilty be on during the summer. See you guys until then.
  7. Ashheart1

    Shinobi Legends

    This rpg you will be intrested in joining is 'Shinobi Legends.' This rpg takes you to the world of Naruto. In this rpg, you will get to fight some monsters and other shinobi to earn some experience, buy wepons and armor, train at the ninja academy and lots more. This might be for people who like...
  8. Ashheart1

    Naruto/Bleach Forums

    This is a forum site in which I created. This will have topics on Bleach, Naruto and other animes and mangas. My username there is kakashi_hatake101. Follow the link below to access the site. I'm in need for some members to join.
  9. Ashheart1

    Guess Who's Back?

    I've been off of a while because of school and now I'm back! ^_^
  10. Ashheart1

    Should Headphones (music) be allowed in school?

    What do you believe that headphones should be allowed in school or not.
  11. Ashheart1


    Hello. I am new here and I love anime and manga.