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    Baka of the month!!!

    Time to choose who is October's Baka of the month!!! Lets see who is our contestants!!! We have: @Franken Stein @noex1337 InfiniteMonkey @Kaze Araki 4 contenders but only one can be BOTM!
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    the first ever Muffin baka alliance Baka of the month contest

    Yes it is happening lololz SO I guess we go about it like nominating the most awesome baka but since I don't know who are the nominees are yet I ain't making this thread a poll so all you have to do is nominate your favorite baka, just shout out the baka member in here(no nominating yourself...
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    Oh noes! grimmwolf is here >:3

    An introduction should be meaningful. yes grimmwolf:coool: is here and I'm here to stay :XD: maybe because I don't have anything better to do than go on forums all day (or skin:hohoho:) but yes as you know I am grimmwolf(hi xD) and are a couple questions I have answered so you...
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    HEllllooooooooo TempestXD

    Hi :DGrimmwolf is hereXDand here is some things explaining who I am as it states in the "read here before you post your intro"1.How did you find this website?me and the owner are friends XD2.What are your fav anime?anything ecchi funny and action packed awesomeness:P3.What are your fav...