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    Nori's graphics.

    c beau ca :D
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    Skinny Dipping

    yea... me and ma girl in the neighbors pool :D good times good times ^^
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    One word Story GAME

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    Guitar Hero 3

    hehe guitar hero is da shitz Tenacious D gives me tha giggles o.0
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    Anime Gelade

    yea I agree this is a fantastic site ^_^
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    :D I'm new and posting ^^
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    The government will legalize Marijuana once they figure out how to cash in on it, I personally think alcohol is worst but both is jusst right :)
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    This was one of my favorite animes, but the end simply killed it.
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    Windows Vista

    I run both xp and vista and my conclusion is those who hate vista simply don't have a pc capable of running it.