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    I just blue myself...

    Expecto patronum!
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    Onomatopoeia in Japanese

    An article from language log, though it probably doesn't interest anyone except me :alone:
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    Thylane Blondeau

    well, here's something a bit lighter to talk about. Thylane Blondeau is a female model who is 10 years old. She has been featured in high profile fashion campaigns. However, there is some controversy because some think the photos are inappropriate and sexual. So I'm just wondering what people...
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    Come and give me some of that yum yum~

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    We are... THE RESISTY!

    This is a super awesome club for fans of the RESISTY! and for good measure: Laughing_gaara :3 I will stalk you until you join. noex1337 JOIN OR ELSE
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    Anyone read a comic called nonplayer by Nate Simpson? It's relatively new out, the story is interesting so far. The best thing about it is that the art is amazing, it's all line drawings that are beautifully colored, some of it almost reminds me of Alphonse Mucha's style.
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    hi I'm new

    I was referred here from MF to participate in discussions. So... Hi! Hope ya'll are having a relaxing day. ps. my name is 'ezh' on MF