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    I got a 404 when I tried to download hunter x hunter. Is it just that stuff hasn't been updated with the new server yet, or did I do something wrong or something?
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    Favorite Kaibutsu Oujo character

    well, I like most of the characters, but I'd have to say that the androids amuse me most. Probably mainly because no matter what their style is, they all say fuga and only fuga. That and somehow their masters still understand them. Most amusing would probably be Emil's android, as it is...
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    Kenichi's father's gun launch system

    I was wondering which episodes of Kenichi show his dad activating his mecha-style gun launch systems?
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    Aishiteru ze Baby

    Is media2 up? I tried downloading Aishiteruze Baby and it just times out... No wait xx seconds/download limit/what not message, it just times out. I tried downloading kenichi 46 and it does start...
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    Series finale

    The best endings I've seen were for Aishiteruze Baby and Ginban Kaleidoscope.
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    How to burn dvds

    First, you need dvd(s) (duh) Any format works; +,-, r/rw/rom - with this method, even cds can have the same amount of stuff stored on them as dvds! Next, you need kerosene, gasoline, diesel, alcohol, and butane. Also, bring matches or another method of lighting fires. Find an area where you...
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    I thought it might be fun to mention what character/series (and maybe show off) your avatar/signature comes from. My current avatar is of Genzo Sōga, from the series Tenshi na Konamaiki.