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    I would sell__________for a ____________.

    Okay simple game and the rules are as follows: Just fill in the blanks LOLz! 1. I would sell my cat for a new computer. 2. I would sell my neighbours dog for a pillow. 3. I would sell my co-workers aunt for a new bag. Just be as silly or serious as you want to be.:D
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    Quotes to Share

    Easy enough, just share your favourite quotes here. I love quotes so I go first: "Art does not solve problems but makes us aware of their existence. It opens our eyes to see and our brain to imagine." - Magdalena Abakanowicz
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    The Truth about Gaara's Past, Finally

    OMG. I love this chapter. Throw away all the speculations. Gaara's past has finally been revealed and wow, it was very amazing. Gaara and Naruto has another thing in common. They we're both loved by their mums. Naruto has his special chakra from his mum. Gaara has his ultimate sand defence...
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    For All Lovers of Asian Cinema.

    Just as the title says. Anything Asian cinema to be recommended. 13 Assassins by Takeshi Miike Best movie I've seen of late. Michael Bay only wishes he can make a movie like this. Its deep in nature but not too deep. Its got intrigue and suspense The plot is pretty simple and the...
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    I confess.................

    Just like the title says. This is where you make your confessions no matter how small, silly or nonsensical. I'll start off like this_ I confess, I love cookies and Ice Cream!