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    Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee

    Chuck Norris is feared by gods, but Bruce Lee is feared by Chuck Norris.
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    Do Nice Guys/Girls Finish Last?

    Back on topic of course... yes... good guys do finish last... its written down in the book of life... XD
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    What kind of Legacy would you like to leave?

    I would like to also leave behind a doctrine... on how to properly run the world... once i figure out how to do that XD
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    Ever been to a con?

    XD LOL I recommend trying one out... they are super fun... but only if you really enjoy anime oh i see... one day i will have to visit Sweeden some how and see how cool it is there...
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    Ever been to a con?

    Sounds like you guys get some pretty populated cons then?
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    Ever been to a con?

    Well this looks like a promising and active thread... so i'll post XD yeah, my city has a con every year, as well the city 3 hours away has one... I go to both every year
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    Worst Anime ever?

    Was gonna say school days... but then i seen somebody mentioned Naruto... which reminded me of how much i hate it... so Naruto gets the vote for me
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    Otaku Chat!

    XD Saturday for me... New Shana and Working 2... as well Tuesday with Ika Musume 2... plus i may check out some other ones... might be a busy Anime season XD... im glad we havent had a dead one for a while... Also Hello Im Andyroo... can just call me Andy or Drew if you want... um... yeah Japan...
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    Well when all else fails... create a personal blog on profile page... cant find anything

    Well when all else fails... create a personal blog on profile page... cant find anything
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    The strongest manga main hero

    Yeah... Son Goku takes the cake... Haruhi would be a good choice, but she doesn't know that she is god. Alucard is beatable as he is a vampire... and they have crazy weaknesses that make them a bit easy to beat, although most of them dont work on Alucard... For shits and giggles here im gonna...
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    From Which Part Of The World Do You Come From?

    Im also in Canada... but i knew that already...
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    Will you change yourself for just ONE person?

    Never gonna change myself for anybody... I can adapt my lifestyle to fit theirs in, but never would I outright change my own
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    WOTF #9 Theme/Discussion Thread

    Something thats not Graphics XD HELLS YEAH! count me in this round...
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    Whats up everyone?

    So my first question for people... where do i go... this place's layout is confusing to me... where do i find the not spam section?
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    Whats up everyone?

    Nice to meet you person I've most definitely never met before ever XD
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    Clannad/Clannad After Story

    Sanae Yeah to be honest with you, I watched the movie... rated it a 2 out of 10 cause it was Clannad/AS in Fast Forward... Dango song wasnt as nice... it was just horrible... no chance to connect with the characters, so there is no emotion over any of it... The anime though... OH Man... Clannad...
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    How do u shut ur parents up saying anime is for children

    You never shut them up about it... I've tried countless times... they say I will grow out of it... YA RIGHT, Im 20 and still watch it... The best thing you can do is ignore them... continue on your otaku ways and eventually it wont bother you
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    Whats up everyone?

    XD hello Emmy, its nice to see that there is actually an Admin that is active... it really is a first for me XD @ Franken Stein... yeah you do know me Frank... its Drewge... new user on Niho is also Andy-roo XD Kruptos Thank you! its nice to meet ya
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    Whats up everyone?

    Maybe i will... if i can figure out how to manoeuvre this place... give me a bit to figure it out XD
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    Your Favorite Anime Character

    Tomoya Okazaki from Clannad!