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  1. K

    Sig problem

    My sig always return to the frog logo.... I rehosted it using imageshack then after a while it returns to that. my signature didn't have this problem with other forum sites.
  2. K

    Quote notification

    I just saw this one.... When Emmie quoted what I had said, a notification popped up. How can I undo this?
  3. K

    Questions or Confusions about One Piece

    If anyone has questions, problems, confusions or anything you don't understand about One Piece. The community will help you as best as we could.
  4. K

    Kulitman from hell....

    WTH.... just kidding on that part.... I just made a fact file yesterday and I forgot to make my own thread...hahaha so anyway... what can I say about myself.... I like to have fun and hope to see talk to you all....