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  1. Kaze Araki

    Introduction & Farewell

    Hi, my name is Kaze Araki and I'm technically leaving. But I will be around to notify those who I invited here personally regarding my new whereabouts. * By the way, it's Introduction and Farewell because I never introduced myself before.
  2. Kaze Araki

    Picture from Life's Other Side

    C8RXmACjQsk In the world's mighty gallery of pictures There're scenes that are painted from life, Scenes of youth and of beauty, Scenes of hardship and strife, Scenes of wealth and of plenty, Old age and the blushing young bride, Hang on the wall - but the saddest of all Is a pictures...
  3. Kaze Araki

    We are Prostitutes!

    Nothing divided the women activism movement more than the issue of Prostitution. While most Feminists are strongly opposed to the notion (see Carole Pateman; Sexual Contract for example), some women do find the practice as acceptable and a legitimate form of occupation. What is your take on this...
  4. Kaze Araki

    American Socialists, where are they?

    The U.S. has a long history of Socialism, Unionism and Anarchism, but nowadays these terms are portrayed with utter contempt and shunned away as fringe ideologies. Even in the political scene, The Left are predominantly Liberal and not really Socialist in the proper sense. The U.S. has shifted...
  5. Kaze Araki

    Inter arma enim silent leges

    Under the guise of personal thread, I'm going to use this opportunity to promote Terra Incognita (TI) to new users. :D Ask anything about TI, but try to avoid asking anything about myself, my biography is a rather boring one.
  6. Kaze Araki

    Libya Revisited

    7wmJyyiY9lU Amazingly enough, even the fighters on the ground are not under the dichotomy illusion of good guys and bad guys. Politics simply knows no ethic. Feel free to give your thoughts about Libya (past, present and future).
  7. Kaze Araki

    The case of Ron Paul and the Left.

    b7OK-xwWYr4 With the upcoming election drawing near, the popular name of Ron Paul makes a visit to the political surface once again, this time with forces that can't be ignored by the ruling establishment. Known for its ideological [American] Libertarian stance and consistency in decisions...
  8. Kaze Araki

    What is your Jungian Anima/Animus? As I continue to identify myself with my masculine persona even deeper, consequently - the more I am subjected to projecting my anima outwardly unto variety of women. Interestingly enough, recurring patterns do emerges again and again on...
  9. Kaze Araki

    [Beta] HSD Debate Thread

    Debate Rules: 1. Strictly no spam or personal attack of any kind (valid or invalid does not matter) is allowed. 2. This debate thread is open only for both debaters. All other users (except for the debate arbiters) are prohibited from posting in this thread. 3. This thread function as a place...
  10. Kaze Araki

    [Beta] HSD Commentary Thread

    Commentary Rules: 1. Strictly no spam or personal attack of any kind (valid or invalid does not matter) is allowed. 2. This commentary thread is open for all users except for the two debaters. 3. This thread function as a place for the follower of the debate to post their own opinions regarding...
  11. Kaze Araki

    [Beta] HSD Voting Thread

    Voting Rules: 1. Strictly no spam or personal attack of any kind (valid or invalid does not matter) is allowed. 2. Faithfully follow the voting format given below, be careful when counting the total score. 3. Posted vote by right cannot be changed or deleted (in order to keep a fair play)...
  12. Kaze Araki

    The longingness for bondage.

    People from all across the social class structure talked about freedom, from the petty criminals down the street - to the corrupt politicians sitting in the government, from the wage-slave labors in random sweatshops - to the multimillionaire vacationing on their private hideaway islands in the...
  13. Kaze Araki

    Made in China Discuss.
  14. Kaze Araki

    They Are Going To Kill Troy Davis (Between 21st-28th)

    1sikjtwOA2k DtrIylU56rE&NR Death Penalty is a complete failure. @Zero Phoenix @Pimp @noex1337 Troy Davis has faced execution three times for a crime he may not have committed. In an unprecedented evidentiary hearing held in a federal district court in Savannah, Georgia in June...
  15. Kaze Araki

    Buddhism, the foremost of all religions.

    As a student of comparative religions, I believe that Buddhism is the most perfect one the world has even seen. The philosophy of the theory of evolution and the law of karma were far superior to any other creed. It was neither the history of religion nor the study of philosophy that first drew...
  16. Kaze Araki

    The Fluoride Deception

    Hailed as a harmless chemical that would prevent tooth decay, new evidence shows how fluoride could be linked to serious health problems. Fluoridation was first advanced in the US at the end of the second World War. Proponents argued that fluoride in water and toothpaste would help to...
  17. Kaze Araki

    I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy.

    3A1ZMh56fX0 Discuss.
  18. Kaze Araki

    Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and darkness resides in Pluto

    Apart from the myth and fantasy portrayed in society through media projection, does selflessness and sincerity in men-women relationship (which idealistically ended up in marriage) really exist in reality?
  19. Kaze Araki

    God's Children.

  20. Kaze Araki

    The Origin of Sadness

    How does it evolved? Is it observable in any other animals?