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    Need for Speed : The Saga Continues

    heh! upgrades
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    Transformers The Movie

    waiting for the movie to be shown here ... at my beloved Country "AMANG BAYAN"
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    Greeeeaaatttt movie " tonight we dine in hell "
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    World Trade Center

    hmmmmm.. can't say what i felt when i watched this movie ...
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    One word Story GAME

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    Help me please

    have you check out this site?? <a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a...
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    Windows Vista

    update ? its out and about ... vista .. this thread is really old...
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    Compare your specs!

    My Best pc P II 333Mhz 512 sdram 40 gig HDD XP
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    My comp takes to...

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div> before doing anything check for spywares/adware and viruses. do diskclean up then defrag. that should minimize some lagy problems.
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    The most Violent game

    grand theft Auto .. heheheh
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    Best Game

    best game for lazy days sim city.
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    Favorite RPG

    i like Neverwinter nights and Diablo . hehehehe
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    english or japanese

    i like watching anime with japanese voice but with english sub