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    What Cell Phone Do You Have?

    Motorola Rizer. I don't know how old it is though. I had it sense last summer.
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    History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

    This Show kick ass. If it ever come to America on dvd i buy it right away.
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    Which will do the best

    Xbox 360 cause PS3 barely has any good games. While Xbox 360 has Halo 3, Bio Shock, and Gears Of War.
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    It's the "What did you get for Christmas" thread!

    Cd - Daft Punk : Homework DVD - Slipknot : Disasterpiece Ashtray - Slipknot (I don't smoke it was a joke from my mom cause I'm a slipknot fan) A sweater (From My Girlfriend) Manga - YuYu Hakusho Vol. 9 -14
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    Who do you think should pair up in Naruto?

    Hinata and Naruto, Rock Lee and Sakura
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    Coke vs. Pepsi - Which is better?

    Neither. I hate them both
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    Do you like your school/job?

    My School suck really bad. But my work is aright. I can't ague with my pay.
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    Who Is Hotter? Rukia Or Orihime

    You guys are still talking about who hotter. I post this topic about 6 month ago and you guys are still talking who hotter. Man I wasn't expecting this keep going on for this long.
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    What hand do you write with?

    I write Right handed cause my left hand Suck.
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    What are you listening to now?

    No More Sorrow - Linkin Park
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    Mine are Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X), Naruto, Bleach, Please Teacher, Shakugan no Shana.
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    Supertyman is leaving the site

    I have decided to leave this site. It has been fun posting my thoughts here at this site, but I decided to leave and go join They more polls and more forums then here. If I'm upseting someone by saying this then I'm sorry. You can look me at hongfire. My username for that one is...
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    The strongest in naruto series?

    Naruto. He works the hardest even thought he complains alot. But he has to be the strogest.
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    Eureka Seven

    Eureak Seven was a good anime show. But I wouldn't say the best. To answer that question of yours. It you in mecha Gundam Seed or you want another love story similar to that Shakugan no Shana Second .
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    Welcome to the site. It always nice to meet someone new.
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    Yu Yu Hakusho & Bleach

    I know what you mean. It is pretty much the same. Probably the only difference is that in YuYu Hakusho they fight Demons and in Bleach they fight Hollows. To tell the truth I haven't seen Yu Yu Hakusho in a realy long time. But I still remember some things from the show.
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    Shinobi Legends

    It alright. But it really sucks when when you use up all your enery and can't do anything.
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    Spicy or non-spicy

    I love spicy food. I like my Birrito and Rice to be spicy.
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    Sex with animals?

    What the hell. Why in hell would you make a post about this. Are you F **k up in the head. If you are really in this. Then you are not right. How can you say it nice. It just worng. This Topic Is worng. This topic shouldn't be here.
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    Happy Birthday supertyman!

    Thank You all. I wasn't expecting this site to say Happy Birthday. I'm 18 and I don't really know what to do now. My friends said go buy cigarettes, but I don't smoke. I was thinking getting a tattoo. But not till I start working. Which of course will be next week. Again Thank You ALL