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  • Hope you know that i like you , if not... wel... /me *Really likes your Plopp style*
    Hope we will be at war on "Unicorn" arcade game soon again...
    Yeah me too *w* I like you to~ xD My Plopp style isnt that special... -hugs-
    Bad day today ..for me at least.. how about you? plus you didn't comment my donation thread.. :eto::raincorner:
    I dont even know what you guys are arguing about, I'm just commending Zero on speaking his mind without any doubts or restraints, seeing as how I do that myself (y)

    And because its a little funny, nothing against you.
    Rawr, dunno, we were doing several maintenance thingies that might have changed post counts.
    If you haven't customized it yourself, it will change every posting level. Eg. every several or so posts. You can change it in the settings user cp if you want.
    No idea, you'd need to take a screenshot. Same for the "white" one, do you mean Konata or?
    Uhm, no idea, I don't remember seeing something like that. What skin are you using?
    No can do. ;(

    Still got many pages to read and a couple 5 page papers to write as well as a test to study for.

    But I'll get through it. Eventually. . . *sigh* I wish I could freeze time and live forever. That way, I would never be bothered by boring tasks like these.
    Live to fight another day, I always say.

    You Swedes aren't to be trifled with. :P

    Gah. I am so swamped by work. I hate it!!
    I heard about those Finish poke snipers! One guy poked the Russian army for like years!

    I yield! :-|
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