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  • That's always nice. ~ Difference between me and you is that I've cut ties pretty cleanly with all of my old "friends."

    That depends on what you find annoying. There are times when I find the whole world annoying. =P

    ....What? tumblr.....4chan. Anonymous.......HNNG. I really don't see the comparison other than both feature lots of images. Like the way bicycles are comparable to burning blimps because they both move. xD

    Eh, that depends on how much we have in common. I don't believe I ever legitimately tried to have a decent conversation with you.
    I did, though never during its prime. I'm only active in the spam section here. Forums really don't offer me a lot anymore.

    I'm not really sure SSA will have what you're looking for either. It's not a bad little site, but it's much less active than MF and MC. And the AGs are a wee bit different. Though I do think they're more fun! There is one particular player that I'll need to warn you about, but we can get to that sometime later. xD

    loltumblr. I've never bothered getting too involved in it, but I do understand the appeal. It's just not the type of appeal that draws me in.

    You know, we could chat on MSN, since that went so well the first time we tried. =P
    I pretty much came to visit Emmie. We had fun together back in the day, and I was told that she'd inquired about me. It's also a fun place to check up on the people I used to know, though it's better that most don't know I used to know them. And it's a bit of a fun place to hang out, considered that I'm pretty much the newb that nobody knows.

    I was actually a bit surprised to see you on here, considering I've been here for about a week and haven't seen you at all. Are you active much anywhere anymore?

    And thanks. :3
    I'm..... -thinks about a way to say it without actually giving a name- ..... her husband?
    Yep! And if I'm not mistaken, she actually was the one who spread the word (or maybe created it? :O)xD OF COURSE I DO KNOW HER. I mean we used to spend our (i.e. me, you and Moo-pyon, of course <3) times together on the IRC <3
    Awwwwww TRC~ I'm so touched ;') *super warm huggles for TRC*

    Haven't mentioned the word "huggles" for a loooong time already xD
    Well sorry hun, but seems like there's something wrong with you. I'll have to take you for vaccination right away.

    Also lol, I noticed you pretty much quit MF
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