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    Sigh. They did an amazing job at making this anime horrible at the end. I felt empty inside after watching 26. Other than the last 2 episodes i really loved this anime. Want to get the manga.
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    Claymore wallpapers gifs&pics

    I don't want Claymore to end:( This has been an amazing series. I've hear that the manga goes in a different direction and is still going on so I was hoping the anime would go longer then 26 eps.
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    Dubs vs. Subs

    most of the time it depends on which i see first a subbed or dubbed version. If i get used to the way one of them are then i cant watch it the other way. Just bothers me too much
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    Whats your favorite band?

    My overall favorite band would have to be Nine Inch Nails. Love them.
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    Favourite Anime Stories..

    hmm ill watch just about any anime, but best story thats a tough one. Berserk actually had a pretty good story till the end and it went all crazy. i do love Last Exiles story. lol one anime that might have been my favorite story line would be Angel Sanctuary but they only made like 3 episodes...
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    im in college (Northern Kentucky University) its not bad really. thinking about going into computer science but im not sure yet.
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    Media Back Online and Other

    maybe its just me but it still saying the media is down for me.
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    Man i love this movie. Ive watched it so many times. I dont normally care for david spade myself but he does a good job in this movie. Everyone should watch this.
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    Favorite of the Dragonball Series

    Id have to say Dragon Ball Z. If you could ignore the many fillers and retarted episodes such as the ones with Hercule i think that was his name, it was the best and had the best fights. I couldn't get into DBGT
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    Best Game

    i love the devil may cry series... except 2 i guess. it wasn't that great. but it had the bloody palace which was plenty fun!. I have oblivion for my computer which i recently upgraded... and by recently i mean back in may with a x1900xt video card so i could play it its great
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    what did you do today that was exciting?

    umm well i just took a final so i guess im excited that one is over. going out to eat and get to see that Superman movie that everyone has said is amazing
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    What are you listening to now?

    im listening to the many clicks of ppl typing since im in the library on campus lol. can't wait for finals to be over!!
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    new one go ahead bash away

    I think its pretty good. i piddled around with that stuff for like a week or two a while back, but i dont have photoshop anymore and im too poor to get it lol
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    How old are you guys?

    im 21, birthday is may 2nd :D
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    First anime you ever saw.

    The first anime i ever saw was Ronin Warriors man i can't remember how old i was but i loved that show.