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    Air Gear

    Something new ... Rollers with which u can Even Fly .... lolz ... Well too be honest Air Gear lacks a lot of reality ... not b/c of such hi-fi gadget they are using ... but rather the development of the main character "Ikki" whoz masterin the stuff as if its just piece of cake ... i mean come-on...
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    Trinity Blood

    Wat you people think of it? Personally, I found the anime enjoyable especially the 2nd half of it. I watched the nima etill 5am O_O ahah! What about you?
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    Fruit Basket

    Guys i dunno really how shall i start this ive seen alot of animes naruto,,black cat,,dragonballz,,dragonballGT,,GTO(greatteacheronizuka),,bleach,,fullmetal alchemist lovehina,,and many many more but once someone came to me and said the name of this anime which is Called]FRUITBASKET i can...
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    I have watched the entire series and i thought it was a great anime, and well worth it, i think the protaganist is great as he is quite haphazard, but then at the same time he is serious and skilled at what he does what were everyone elses opinions of this anime??
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    Black Cat

    It feels so empty without a topic for black cat....I found the anime much better than the manga.It has a sort of magnetic force to it making me watch it.Though I stopped now(to watch noir)I will continue later Has anyone seen this?What do you think of it? anyways,just to be random,doesn't the...
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    i've watched half episodes of this anime.i think hellsing is a quite good anime.what do you guys think of this anime?
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    Rurouni Kenshin

    Does anybody know the difference between kenshin and samurai x because i can't any episodes for samurai x when i look at it samurai x is the past of himura kenshin
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    Gaara against Sasuke,who wins?

    Based on the naruto manga for now,Gaara been the head of his village and sasuke with oruchimaru seeking for power.who will win when they come face to face?
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    The strongest in naruto series?

    In naruto series there are various strong characters in it but who do you think is the strongest among it oruchimaru or Jirayi,kakashi? hmmmmm......
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    The funniest character?

    who do you think is the funniest character in the on going bleach anime and why do you think that person is the funniest?
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    Naruto or Bleach - Which is better?

    Naturo and bleach,hmmm they are all good animes but i think bleach tops naruto due to it actions and fighting skills. Naturo and bleach,hmmm they are all good animes but i think bleach tops naruto due to it actions and fighting skills.
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    First anime you ever saw.

    The first anime i saw was black cat and it was really nice and it has draw me into animes.