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  • I was just trying to make him reply my post.
    Kinda sucks when my scrutiny is halted just before the final blow.
    It's not like I am perventing you from making your "final blow"; no one will be listening is all. <3
    oh yea, portals great (1&2) still waiting on my portal 2 dlc they said would come out during the summer =/ but I guess I could have expected delays from valve o.o
    I however also fear for the site... we were to small to deal with a split... it will all come down to the member in the next few days... they will either stay here because they like the community or leave because they want to follow emma or just don't wanna deal with this
    lol he was my first online friend ^^ x.x but he kinda stopped talking to me :/ I just happened to remember him saying he knew "shard" irl ... so yeah... was wondering if it was you

    on another note, I stalked a bit and found out your age, you have a great mind... a lot of ppl our/your age have good ideas but cannot seem to organize them well into an argument, : P you do it pretty well >.> albeit lengthy
    lol i was GhettoMesiah, Hoshizora_no_kiyoshi, and KiyoshiXx
    i was curious if i was correct with regards to who i assumed you were : P... you friends with brett?
    That picture thing was quite some time a go.
    The last time she mad at me is because I ask her whether she's still mad at me or not.
    And Mistress goes ballistic because I don't have any other subtle intention but to ask just that.
    I'm not sure, but maybe my YM record the conversation since I reformatted my PC recently (therefore everything is still default).
    nope thats you >.>
    everytime I long in your not there ;-;
    i want to catch up and know how you been T.T
    Well, I resign. After about a week, I revisited your post achieving the exact same result. Sure there are things that I can nitpick at, but the majority I just have no answer for. It's not my area of expertise.
    I see. You're going to be quite fearsome after a romp through college. I recall having a similar discussion with Noex. If your current generation keeps shelling out intellectuals like Noex and yourself, people like me will be obsolete. Aging is a terrible thing.
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