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  • .. You know me so well.. I do have a thing with putty Y's at the end of names.. :huuh:

    Rummy it is :squee:

    Does Rummy not get on MSN anymore o.o?
    I just realised you weren't on my friends list here. The heck. How else was I supposed to quick-link to your page and spam you. :/ I don't know it didn't hit me sooner.
    .____. true, you're only a smod >:3 and come chat with us more often :3

    me too ;___; Emmie wouldn't let me be green D:
    As much as I'd like to, I feel that wouldn't be the best choice for my experience here at MC. There's a reason I've been avoiding the aE thread despite the fact that it's what brought me here.

    More to the point, I'm certain you know firsthand that I had a less than pleasant time on MF. And while I'm not denying my own hand in that, the lack of support from my "friends" was quite telling. Further, I also know that less than kind things were said about me from the aE side during that time, though I don't know who said them.

    So while it might not be the best choice for everyone, cutting myself off from that name and the social circle associated with it is the best choice for me.

    I'm not totally averse to conversing with you guys, I just no longer consider myself one of you.
    nuuuuu... I'll abuse my powers, make you into a cute little fairy ;___;


    but why MF D: and you speak there so rarely
    You have a cat, if I remember correctly?

    If so, I'm sure your cat is in cahoots with Jar's obese fat cat, and have already begun their plan for world domination.
    Spazzing out over the new Avatar: The Legend of Korra trailer. Also, I've been on Narutoforums for awhile now. Found a few decent sections worth lurking in. I've always wanted to know. What exactly happened with AE? Why'd it go down?
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