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    Who are you?

    - I'm half Dutch, half British (mixed) - I'm an admitted Otaku - I'm lazy like crazy And to answer said questions: 1. I come from a land down under (AUS) 2. I'm here because I go to boarding school and its boring as sh!t here, especially on weekends. 3. I want me some anime (meh, im an otaku)
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    Post Your Pic!

    Hey, Im a fairly new player here at teh AG forums but heres by pic: sorry I look so boring/serious but the only other recent pics of me have me pissed off my face (drunk)
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    Show Your Desktop

    Heh Heh, I only recently changed by background.
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    How to play internet games through a firewall?

    I go to a boarding school and we in the dorms are sick of not being able to play games on the internet. does anyone know of a way to get teh firewall (which we v=cant access) to let our games access the net?
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    when did you meet anime/manga?

    I spose I first met anime at a very young age with Gundum Wing on cartoon network but I never really condidered it anything other than a cartoon at that stage. My first proper exposure to Anime was Full Metal Alchemist (which I still think is one of the greatest anime ever made). My first...
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    Tenjou Tenge OVAs

    2006 ay? (friendly tones, no insult intended)
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    History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

    raelly you get slow downloads at adc-distro, i get fairly fast speeds but then again im in australia and our internet is generally lacking compared to the rest of the world
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    Darker Than Black

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Swiss @ June 23, 2007, 2:46 PM) 7858</div> Not particularly
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    Video games/Voilence

    I think people are inherintly violent but its human nature to deny human nature. If people took responsibilty for their own actions, things would become a little quieter (at leat thats what i think)
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    Spicy or non-spicy

    Thats crazy funny man, I personally love spicy foods (to a limit, Vietnamese black bean sauce is a killer) because the "traditional foods" of my household arent spicy and spicy foods are more exotic. Oh, and Burrito's rock
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    Yeah, im new here and jus thought i'd make meself known.
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    Favorite RPG

    It might not have been the original but FF VII (7) was and still remains my favourite. The storyline and accompanying music score makes it an all time classic.
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    Darker Than Black

    Without giving away storyline, whats it like? eg: animation quality, sound, etc
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    What anime are you currently watching?

    Naruto Shippden Bleach D Greyman Kiba Blood + Gundum Seed (need the last episode) just finished Noien, possibly the trippiest anime ever
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    Favourite Samurai anime

    To me. samurai champloo takes the cake, but then I've never seen Rurouni Kenshin. the mix of fight-style and story was finely executed. I plan on watching Samurai 7 next